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Jun 28, 2019
Tenchi Muyou Universe is basically an alternate universe of Tenchi Muyou Ryououki. And that's it.

All the characters are different, and the story is a different in certain keypoints, but somehow the core of the Tenchi, still remains. The characters even though now they have a different origin, their story still stays the same. Same but different but still the same.

The art changes a little bit. It is not really the same, there are minor differences between outfits, and probably as a whole general there are others key differences. The animation is exceptional.

The sound and the music are exceptional. There are some slight read more
Jun 8, 2019
There is alot to be said about this show. It is awful. I certainly don't recommend to watch. You waste your time. You don't really make any sense of what's happening.

If you already seen the 3rd season. You don't need to watch the 4th season at all, because most of the plot is reused from season 3.
The whole plot of this series is literally about alternate Tenchi Muyou universes series characters while reusing plot from the original trilogy. This is not Tenchi Muyou Ryououki anymore. The main characters barely exist in this series. The only thing that exists is maybe the Tenchi residence.

The way they read more
Jun 8, 2019
Tonight we celebrate the hero.

A slice of life, adventure shounen/shoujo styled sort of isekai involving monsters, ghosts, gods featuring a heroine, and a well defined at that.

Think of this anime what would've happened if Chihiro would've grew up from Chihiro to Sen movie. While it does not feature the style of Ghibli studios, it does feature that similar story with less symobolism.

The main story is great. The characters are lovable and iconic, besides being relatively original. Well defined. Very well thought through.

It features several main characters and it revolves around a romantic relation between the main female character and the main male read more
Jun 7, 2019
*Maybe spoilers*

It's not really a typical isekai as it does not inserting its main character into an unknown world, but rather the main character belongs there. And the world is typical for isekais nowadays - dungeon based.

The title I find it misleading, as most of the action in the anime does not imply the main character really picking up girls in dungeon... and most of its romance is engaged by the female characters of the anime.

The story starts off bland, making you wonder many times why do you watch it, but as it unfolds it does have its share of slice of life read more
Jun 7, 2019
Tenchi Muyou Ryououki is a classic cult must watch no matter how much you will like it or not.

It's most plot devices come from the golden era of 80s anime, the art is magnificent, the story simple and alien in its originality.

The art is magnificent and original. Well drawn. Introduces all sorts of new things you can't grasp and you can't take your eyes from, things that are beautiful and which do not follow any kind of anime pattern.

The characters are not over exaggerated, even though most of their lines from time to time are forced, they connect with each other as if read more
Jun 4, 2019
El Hazard stands out as a magnificent masterpiece.

I've rewatched it and it hasn't lost its fragrance.

The art is top notch. Starting from background art to characters, everything is well-defined and has its place in the story.

The story itself may look meh, but, it really isn't. It is a well thought story. The characters may get sloppy from time to time, but they are well defined and fluid. The plot itself is great and it has its share of everything. Its catchy and it stays catchy. Its funny. Its dumb. Its wonderful. Its original.

The music and the sound is impressive.
Jun 3, 2019
2nd season of the anime drops its art animation quality. This says alot.

Focuses more and more on the younger characters in the show, making the main character starting to look more and more like a stage prop.
The plot devices moves on to introducing new characters while developing an interesting conflict that is going to be seen probably in the next season, or maybe never.

What I disliked was that the main characters of the 1st season received visible downgrades on all aspects besides of their art - they become dumber, more bad at things, more lines where they most of the time don't know what read more
Jun 3, 2019
*Huge spoilers ahead. Pissed off review.*

Well, I thought that Aniplex releases are usually trash, and this anime seems to confirm it.

So far the sound is sub par, a very low audio quality studio.... You can effectively hear the type of low quality microphones used... Besides this the music is out of place, out of space and terrible. It has no point. Whatsoever. It's so bad it's tiresome.

The art is mediocre.

The "fanservice" plot device of brother sister romance bonding is besides devious, disgusting and more than all of these idiotic.

The dialogue is forced. It has little to no connection to the main story.

The way read more
Jun 3, 2019
Read my review on the first season.

* You may get spoilered.*

The story continues to develop in higher and higher conflicts, it expands beautifully. Loved it until the end. WANT MOAR.

Here what I said in my first review only comes true, as the main character is himself shoved back-stage only for the true character to come out. But this season is the magical world on stage, and the real world only acts as a hero.

More than this, they managed to create well made mythos of the magical world.

You may get bored, because of the small plot devices, but this is only happening because read more
Jun 3, 2019
This anime is on par with Overlord, Tate no Yuusha, Re: Zero hajimeru, in my opinion.

Why? Because the animation is very solid. The art style does not drop after the first season. The story is very huge, in fact so huge that I don't think that covering 10 seasons would do it justice.

Besides all this, even though the plots are full of cliches and mediocre characters it has as it base drive story a device that is uncommon and ORIGINAL. The creator of the series knew very well where to touch true anime fans.

Sound quality was okay. It was good. Pleasant to read more