Jun 13, 2019
lkevsan (All reviews)
Idea Factory anime. You know these guys can be considered the best in showing how trash you can be on an animated production just for the sake of making some cash from their appalling OVAS and like that get a way to promote their crappy videogames.

About the story I simply don't know what the hell did I just watch. The show is simply a waste of time and I mean this literally, the purpose of this OVA is to waste time because the story starts and 5 minutes in have passed and there is no freaking dialogue for a 24 minute runtime show. They just show the characters standing, some girl drinking juice, another girl going to write something on her notebook and a guy making a paper plane on the roof of the school. Later there is a meeting about the school budget for school clubs and some students get into a fight because some school clubs are not approved and when they are about to explain something they cut for an idiotic commercial pause when IT'S A FREAKING DVD NOT A BROADCAST FOR TV. Later there is a love confession and they love each other because reasons that I don't know or that only are explained in that crappy PS2 game which this OVA is based and they live happily forever...(?) Like I said its a freaking waste of time but what other Idea Factory anime isn't?

The Animation Hoo Boy where do I even begin with these awful animation?
The only good thing about this one is that at least there wasn't putrid CG they have constantly using but the 2D way they decided to use for this thing it is still garbage. They focus so much on those awful backgrounds that look like they were made in Flash and with hurry because the designs are simply dumb. The animation is so low that there is a scene that the singing club members are warming up their voices and the animation is so lame... wait a minute there is not even animation, what they do is put the mouth changing frames like when you passed a photo real quick and they just changed them the mouths don't move, they slap the freaking next mouth movement one after another. Also there is a freaking problem with the camera. The camera is always moving left and right and without reason. It seems that the animators couldn't bother in mantaining a stable animation frame and just move scene so they can't make the characters appear more.

Sound is simply abhorrent. They put this highschool male and they decided to hire a girl voice for the guy and it sounds so off. The movement of the mouth also doesn't look great for what the characters are saying. They just move the mouth up and down without making any phonemes It's poop.

And that's everything with it. There is nothing more like I said from 24 minutes only like 6 minutes is dialogue. This is not even a source of entertainment, it's a time drainer slapped on a DVD and decided to call it entertainment. Just wondering how the hell did Idea Factory survived this long when crap like that was around during their time on the early 2000s.