Jun 12, 2019
Tactics (Anime) add (All reviews)
TunyVuny (All reviews)
Okay, the storyline could have been better & the plot is just fine. But there are so many issues which I have with the author/writer.

First of all if you've read the description of the anime it clearly says that other people were not able to see youkai that's why he was bullied. Now the point is why is that girl(suzu) able to see them, ok so many people will argue that is because of them having human form, but if you notice in the 1st episode when haruka's seal is lifted by kantaro, that girl(suzu) was easily able to see him, how is that possible, this means he was sealed in the human form. Okay even with that I've no problem.

Second thing is why is that girl included in the anime/manga. What was the need of that girl. Even if she is taken as the side role, it would been good, but why does that girl show up in every episode. Why wouldn't her father just tell her to not to interfere with kantaro's work. Even if her dad didn't thought about her safety, why didn't that kantaro thought about her safety & just why didn't he refused her whenever they go to a place, just like at the time of hot springs & when she accompanied them to that doll house. It's not that I'm worried about her safety, but the point is that is very very illogical & I've seen anime where there is no logic but still compared to this anime they are far better.

Third there are many incidents where haruka just took flight even if he's in crowd, why didn't people noticed that there is something wrong or he's not human, something like that.

Okay the final, if someone had his childhood suffered solitary, I don't think he would have that much lively, okay not talking about liveliness, he would have been quite smart(not handsome) & putting that aside I didn't like the character of the protagonist & that shitty brat(suzu)