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Jun 12, 2019
Tactics (Anime) add (All reviews)
Okay, the storyline could have been better & the plot is just fine. But there are so many issues which I have with the author/writer.

First of all if you've read the description of the anime it clearly says that other people were not able to see youkai that's why he was bullied. Now the point is why is that girl(suzu) able to see them, ok so many people will argue that is because of them having human form, but if you notice in the 1st episode when haruka's seal is lifted by kantaro, that girl(suzu) was easily able to see him, how is that possible, read more
Mar 23, 2019
OK, the meaning of the title of Anime is Domestic= family relation, Kanojo i.e. Girlfriend.

First of all i don't want to degrade a writer's story i.e. this Anime, but i would like to say that he's just complicating the story more & more.

Story starts with a very nostalgic way of a hentai, with this I've no problem as this was a good concept to adapt, but problem starts when it gets super complicated. For me Complicacy is good for mystery related Anime, a little bit of complicacy is tolerable can be added to a romance story, but when complicacy meter crosses that tolerable level, i read more
Mar 7, 2019
Just your normal romance. Not a little bit of surprise. Anime was going so slow, it's a 25 episode anime (season 1). Plot is clear, but story goes slow. Likewise everytime hurdles will come just like in every romance.

Character: 6
Characters are fine, not bad nor good. But something i found quite irritating is that the main character (male) acts like a girl, and he's like a girl inside, which I find quite irritating, like blushing & character development is fine.

So at the end I think this is your typical romance anime where story is soo slow that you'll fed up, if you're fast paced, read more
Dec 23, 2018
Story is good but the ending sucks even by saying that i would say that is the only logical ending but, in other words i would say it sucks by just playing with your emotions.

Keeping the sad ending aside i would say that you should try this manga if you want something fresh from normal romance.

Story- 8
- Great story with quite a few instances where you 'may' get bored.

Art- 9
- For art i can say it's pretty decent, so no worries for that.

Character's Action- 8
- Well i could say this for mostly every romantic anime or manga. Characters don't try to move forward rather read more