Jun 10, 2019
FirnenFire (All reviews)
Aguu- Genius Dolls

What started out as a promising anime with a weird protagonist and terrible art overall wasn't all that bad. My major critique other than the art and incredibly awkward eyes is that it had it a lot of potential.

I enjoyed the plot but I do feel that it was lacking in several places, sending one of your side characters off to 'train' and become better leaves a space open to bring them back. At least this is the idea that most would have, not with this show.

Take Goku for example, he dies and trains in order to be stronger and it shows. Here however we see awkward dialogue, plot holes and the occasional asking moments where you ask yourself why am I still watching this?

With this said, the ending isn't much to go bye either leaving further questions and thoughts of "Did the studio run out of ideas, money or motivation".