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Jun 10, 2019
Re Zero- starting an anime to give me several existential crisis's.

I really enjoyed this show, I went in blind knowing nothing about the story, best girl or the fact that this was an isekai type of anime. (Not that I knew what that was at the time anyway.)

This anime spoke to me on several levels, and made me question my life and life choices every single episode. I made the mistake of bingeing Re Zero over the course of around 3 days from 11pm till around 1am or so.
Word for the wise, don't do that to yourself. The story is great and let's read more
Jun 10, 2019
Another (Anime) add (All reviews)

This is an anime I put off for the longest time, generally I get recommended shows by friends knowing I would enjoy it. Why it took me so long to get around to this one I have no idea.

I really enjoyed this show, I haven't had plot twists slap me around in an anime for a while now. This show did slap me around two maybe three times, the story line is very good. Well thought out and several moments where you want things to work out for everyone all the while understanding that, that is never happening.

A refreshing anime that I enjoyed read more
Jun 10, 2019
Aguu- Genius Dolls

What started out as a promising anime with a weird protagonist and terrible art overall wasn't all that bad. My major critique other than the art and incredibly awkward eyes is that it had it a lot of potential.

I enjoyed the plot but I do feel that it was lacking in several places, sending one of your side characters off to 'train' and become better leaves a space open to bring them back. At least this is the idea that most would have, not with this show.

Take Goku for example, he dies and trains in order to be stronger and it read more