May 16, 2019
3xTripple (All reviews)
The long awaited sequel to the Youjo Senki series, this movie brings in a new character and antagonist to light. Once again, our sociopathic salaryman loli finds herself in a complex predicament reminiscent of our world’s historical world wars, facing the interference of being x at the worst possible times. Like the original series, Tanya’s squad 203 sets out to face enemies that appears impossible to win against, according to their political and strategic heads, and the battles are reflective of the nature of difficulty.

In this movie, we are shown a more emotional side of Tanya. There are some scenes in the movie where she even has “human” moments, which is a stark contrast to her original series presentation. You can look forward to some subtle times of hesitation on the battlefield for reasons you’ll have to watch the movie to find out about. If you watch carefully, you may even notice some moments of increased leniency towards her men. This movie seems to prepare for a new season where the anime begins to dissect her as a character. For some reason, Tanya also makes a ton of communist jokes throughout the movie, which made the people in my theater laugh a lot. (Something tells me the plot's writer really dislikes communists)

The graphics were pretty much the same as the original series graphics with no real addition in quality that I noticed. Like I said in my original review of the series, they’re pretty good overall and I’d give them an 8/10.

The only difference between the characters in the series and the characters in the movie is the new main antagonist who appears to be what the next season will focus on.

Overall, I enjoyed this movie and would definitely recommend it to anybody who enjoyed the first season. This is not a recap and is all fresh material, so you will need to watch the original series in order to understand what is happening in this movie.

Watch it!