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Apr 18, 2022
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (3/12 eps)
At first I felt this anime was the definition of "almost". It could have been great but many subcategories lack in critical ways that makes it fall off, ending up as simply "alright" overall. As the story progressed it started to feel like somebody wrote this story to appease their fetishes.

Story: 4/10
Some people might wonder why this story feels so weird to watch, and some may even think "I can't tell if this show is good or bad". However, if you are somebody that's familiar with JRPG games, this story format might feel incredibly familiar. Essentially, the entirety of the story appears to follow a ...
Jun 19, 2021
Operation Desert Pasta.

It was not a choice, it was a necessity.

Stationed in the desert to rout their enemy and cut off their supplies, the 203rd battalion is running low on food, water, and spices--- they must conserve what little supplies they have left. Meanwhile, the top brass complains about their agonizingly bland food and recognizes the true need to ship some supplies to the main lines to boost the battalion's morale. There was only one problem with their sentiment, the "supplies" shipped weren't at all what the 203rd battalion needed!

There was only Dry Pasta.

Tanya and the 203rd battalion recognize there's only one ...
Sep 24, 2020
(TL;DR at the end)

After five full years, Oregairu season three is the long awaited climax of this fantastic series! It’s amazing to see how far Hachiman (best boy) and friends have come from their awkward first encounters. Hachiman’s grown an incredible amount from the way he used to over complicated situations to his own detriment in order to achieve the desired outcome. As sad as it may be, we are finally given a conclusion to the situations that were prevalent between him, the main girls, and their families who happen to also be his closest friends.

“Realism is just mild pessimism.” ― Psychology

Oregairu shows us how ...
Dec 30, 2019
Note: this is not a review of the entire series, but these 6 episodes only. You can find my opinion of the first season on the first season's series page.

Having reviewed the first season, I was glad when I coincidentally saw the new season released today on Netflix and binged all of it this morning. This Netflix release had me a bit confused at first since it doesn’t continue right where the second series ends. Instead, the story follows Saiki, once more, as he engages in his daily living with unexpected comedic events. I felt the comedic punchlines were not nearly as good as they ...
May 16, 2019
The long awaited sequel to the Youjo Senki series, this movie brings in a new character and antagonist to light. Once again, our sociopathic salaryman loli finds herself in a complex predicament reminiscent of our world’s historical world wars, facing the interference of being x at the worst possible times. Like the original series, Tanya’s squad 203 sets out to face enemies that appears impossible to win against, according to their political and strategic heads, and the battles are reflective of the nature of difficulty.

In this movie, we are shown a more emotional side of Tanya. There are some scenes in the movie where she ...
Sep 28, 2017
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (1/? eps)
So MAL adds 41-second promotional videos to the website? That's kind of weird, in my opinion, but this is from one of my favorite series so couldn't miss the opportunity to write a Top Quality review!

Story: 3/10
All you get from the promotional video is that some girl is missing and happens to be the MCs precious imouto (little sister) and that somehow a new hope was born. You don't really get any of the game's information from the promotional video, but it's basically what I assume to be a money grab side story of the main story that you can play on your mobile ...
Sep 24, 2017
From James Bond to the Bourne Identity and John Wick, there is always a point in one's life when we've been intrigued by the mysterious, meticulous, and romantic nature of the cinematic spy. However, anime writers always have a way of answering the questions that nobody ever asks---

“What if spies, like James Bond, were replaced with… lolis?”


In an unusual twist, they created this interesting anime, where a wide array of political spying and assassinating ends up being left in the hands of a group of young schoolgirls (most of whom, actually have legitimate spy training.) If you were expecting a kiddy girl slice of ...
Jun 20, 2017
Mixed Feelings
In a world where students wear stripper-like uniforms:

One man--- a “bastard” of a teacher--- is called upon by a powerful and beautiful mage to teach those young stripper students the fundamentals of magic theory. ---Although in reality the powerful mage was just trying to get his lazy, isolated, moochingass out of the house.

Thus, the story begins…

Story: 7/10
At first the main character, Glen Radars, appears to be a generic all-powerful MC at first, BUT WAIT! Is he really...? This anime has a knack for throwing in (kind of) unexpected plot twists for comedic purposes. Glen Radars has more depth to him than meets the eye. ...
Jun 17, 2017
TLDR Second Season wasn’t as good as the first. It was slow paced, didn’t have nearly as much action, and focused mainly on character development. The opening song goes back to the show’s origins by having a opening track that sound incredibly similar to the first theme. Probably one of this season’s biggest drawbacks is that all of season two basically happened in a single romeo-juliet-styled week (all of Romeo and Juliet took place in about one week). Because of the slowness, it wasn’t nearly as exciting as season one which showcased the mysterious nature of walls getting kicked down by abnormal titans and other ...
Apr 22, 2017
Coming together against all odds, these three young protectors finally indulge in their well-earned vacation. Their friendship reaches the apex of camaraderie, as they grow closer together and increasingly love one another. Ah, the fuzzy warmth that radiates from the interactions of loving friends--- I think we can all agree that it is always something beautiful to see. However, these three young girls must remember to treasure those brief happy memories between their painful, long fights for humanity’s survival. Because no one is ever ready for that grim moment when the fires of tragedy burns those previously joyous memories into a deep, unforgettable scar…

Coming chronologically ...

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