Sep 26, 2010
DrAgNmAsTr (All reviews)
This is done by none other than Teruaki Murakami(God of Hentai)and his latest work is just Awesome. The best one of his works yet and there's still one more episode to go.

The story was ok, nothing really special to mention out here, but it would be interesting if they continued the animation with Kangoku Senkan 2.
The art is absolutely amazing, you'll never find another anime with smooth animation like this(other than Murakami's of course). No one else can show how a man's nice, slippery "banana" would easily slide in and out of a pretty, lubricious mouth like he does.
The sounds are pretty decent and it even has a great Op in it. The way that they are moaning will definitely get you hot for this. The unforgettable cries of pleasure will always remain in your head after watching this Hentai.
For characters you get two respected officers who are about to get fxxk'd into oblivion. They are both tsundere like, but Naomi is more of the hothead; Lieri is more calm and can control herself.(well at least in some ways;D)
This was very enjoyable to watch, and i cant wait to see more. Tentacle haters should be happy since the closest thing to tentacles in this are brainwashing cables and wires.
So, overall this was great to watch and i find myself watching it again and again. If I would compare this to Taimanin Asagi then i would say TA has a nice solid animation, but Kangoku Senkan's animation is more smooth and the lines aren't as visible as they are in TA. If you really like monster and tentacle F'king, then Taimanin Asagi might be better for you, but overall Kangoku Senkan is the one wins in the end.