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Aug 4, 2013
Kage (OVA) (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Honestly this is more of an adult anime rather than a hentai. I do like the ones that don't hold back on how they want to bring their story out. For this, its basically all story with maybe 10-20% hentai. Any scenes that they have do not last longer than a minute and they "conveniently censor" almost all their bottom parts. You also never see any cum in this, I think only one guy was able to make it because they all die before that lol. So as a hentai, it fails.
The Story started out well meeting a new rival and all, ...
Sep 5, 2011
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (2/4 eps)
Wow, looks like many people are really hating this right now. Many people want the mysterious and twisted stories back with this, but instead they get some fan service. What do i say about it? Well since it's just an OVA, you can obviously not expect Anything storylike in it, which many people don't seem to understand (OVAs like Hellsing are rare okay, you don't really get story filled OVAs). More than 80% of OVAs are just for fan service, if you haven't known.. I know it may have seemed like it tainted the killer loli character, but some of us like to see them ...
Jul 2, 2011
Mixed Feelings
Well, as for the first episode, you see the principal of a school getting fired for banging a student and then the vice-principal takes over and lays down the law. Rather than sex scenes, sexual harrassment is more of the main thing shown here(altogether, sex scenes last around 3 min only). And thats it for the H. The way the vice-principal "lays" down the law could be amusing to some people since it''s completely ridiculous, but thats what makes it funny.
If you like seeing tsundere/delinquent getting embarassed, there's a short scene here(it's too bad that they only harrass). And thats pretty much it for now.
Jun 26, 2011
Mixed Feelings
So basically this is an episode mashed with eight 1-minute specials including the 4 main chars and chuck(no demon sisters). They are all completely random, but while the main series was like this too, it's just not long enough to bring you any of the funny enjoyment you got from watching the original. The only good specials was the first and the second last one really, the rest are just not interesting enough to get into to.

Unless your a diehard fan, this is Not worth watching.
Jun 22, 2011
Rei Zero (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
When you watch this, make sure you watch both episodes(or just the 2nd one) because they are very different from each other. The first ep builds up the story with a somewhat(ugly..) animation and the 2nd one is pure H-action with pretty decent animation. I've really thought this was going to end up bad until i saw the 2nd ep which made the H section all better.(since the first one is ugly, it sucks)
Story is poor, she's goes on some mission, gets caught, gets raped, and then gets **** (lets not completely spoil it..), but thats it. There are only two female characters, but ...
Jun 7, 2011
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (1/2 eps)
For a short episode i'll do a short review.
Ok so you hear a bit about the girl's story and how she has debts and then she gets an email to go to a certain place, so she does and the otakus start taking advantage of her. It's not bad really, but what was disappointing is that there is no actual intercourse, just watching, taking pictures, and masturbating. If you're fine with that, that's great, but if your looking for some actual H-action, go watch something else cause this doesnt have any.
[Edit](This is only for the first episode)

And i'm also pretty sure that this girls voice ...
May 30, 2011
Mixed Feelings
Well, what seemed to be an interesting detective story from the first episode, ends up only finishing one clue at the second(and last) episode. If they didnt concentrate so much on the H scenes in the 2nd ep, they couldve progressed the story more but they just stop it when you really want to know more. Also some of the characters that were introduced were random as they either never came back or had nothing much to do with the story, only making it more confusing.
I really think it would've been better if they stuck with the original case rather than switching it with another ...
May 11, 2011
Well for all those hardcore guro hentai fans out there, this one will be quite a treat. It's not really Xtreme guro, but it is one of the only hentais with guro so that can be a highlight for this. The animation is pretty well done if you pay attention to the year this was made(2001).
The story starts with a demon that can change gender and (randomly?) rapes girls for fun as for the 1st half. The 2nd half is about girls getting accused as witches and getting punished by the "father" of the church.(btw at 2nd-3rd ep, Teruaki Murakami does some of the ...
May 10, 2011
Mixed Feelings
Okay, lets make this short and get it over with.
For all you "I watch hentai for the story" people out there, get away from this now. This little "investigation" story is just an excuse to for the gang raping to happen so you'll definitely be disappointed. And the way they initiate the H scenes is really random and just bad.

Nxt, the H quality of this: You can say the art is decent, fits the standard for these days. There's alot of DP/foursome action in this, but the views aren't too great and that kinda ruins it. The climax scenes boring are 1-shot blasts so ...
Feb 8, 2011
Ok, quick simple review.

Story about a housewife that gets raped and ends up enjoying it. She narrates the experience throughout the entire episode which makes it sound like a documentary, and that ruins the whole thing. Her narrating voice would be the main audio while you can hear and see the H scenes as more of a background rather than the main.
The animation is the only thing going for this but its kind've hard to enjoy it while you can hear some random talking overpowering the scenes. Oh and there is absolutely no story in this(if someone didn't figure that out yet..)
Overall score = ...

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