Apr 13, 2019
Saito-h (All reviews)
In my opinion, the best combination of words describing this work is "comforting." The story boasts an incredible charm, and adopts a storyline of romance not much seen in popular history, for the beginning of conversation we are not talking about "children" (although the main character's wife is 16 years old...) but rather a young adult, which by itself already Makes the story more acceptable. Of Course the plot is not perfect, after all it is not every day that a beautiful girl appears in front of you, saves you from imminent death and propose marriage, all in the course of a few hours, but as we are talking about manga does not have the reason to stick to reality , and that is precisely why I believe that the story works so well, because we know that something like this would not happen to us but still if we see our protagonist in this situation, it is impossible not to let a smile drop. Believe me I spent a whole afternoon of Saturday following this work, and when I arrived in the last chapter Published, I felt empty, was so invested in the plot that I had forgotten that "lived in the real world". The characters are all amazing and with a great dynamic. Our protagonist is literally a genius who possesses answers to everything, he is optimistic and always puts the welfare of others above himself. In against departure We know very little of his wife. Although to what it all indicates there will be a big turnaround soon (my theories are that she is immortal... but we will not touch this subject now). To summarize, this is a series of romance that I will remember for a long time. The step is excellent and the scenes of romance are at the point. I look forward to seeing what the author will bring us next.