Apr 2, 2019
LegendAqua (All reviews)
The Bloodhound lusts for revenge...

We're back with the Black Lagoon and Roberta has literally gone feral for bloodlust and shakes up Ronanpur to the point of the Russian, Columbian's & Hong Kong Triad and the Americans get mixed up in all this.

Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail by all accounts documents Roberta's "Blood Trails" aka. killing list for the revenge of his Master's father and though this OVA is dedicated to Roberta's rampage through Ronanpur, other players like LA aforementioned comes into the mix and plays a little game.

See after the incident in Tokyo, Rock has been in a rather deep stump as it were, unable to let that incident go, but with this new incoming hurricane shaking up Ronanpur, Rock gets into the actions, for more reasons than to stop Roberta's rampage, this is also due to the other players, Mr Chang and Balaliaka being the prime examples of all this. Mr Chang wanting to kill Roberta as it's his turf Roberta is playing with while Balalaika has stakes due to Roberta shaking up the Americans and thus in turn Balalaika ALSO wanting revenge against the Americans, so yeah to say that Roberta's rampage kicked the hornets nest that is Ronanpur is a frickin understatement that really just kicks this entire plot into gear.

Rock's development with all this is quite the odd but to be fair reasonable one, as he sinks into the dark underbelly of Ronanpur and tries to outwit Mr Chang, Balalaika and the Americans for Rock to win for once and he'll use ANYONE to get it, if there was a power spectrum change, then quite honestly it's Rock, switching it to HIM with the power while this time Revy becomes the spectator with the events that unfolds, also Revy and rock's relationship once again is rough to say the least with some of the banter that goes on, from the power struggle, perspective and one dragging the other or vice versa.

Roberta's development is more like a regression to say the least but in her motives alone though due to her aimless, bloodlustful focus on revenge, but she gets PLENTY of backstory about her both in motivations and her personal beliefs of her constant cleansing of her sins, though ironic since her rampage causes MANY deaths in the process, a sin she desperately wants to remove, to say that Roberta is not in the right of mind speaks volumes to how slipshod LA's explanations of Roberta is, but expected form a bloodhound out for base revenge.

With Roberta, her master Garcia as well as Fabiola gets some decent screentime as Garcia is probably the ONLY one to stop Roberta's rampage and with that Garcia goes through hell and back with the urban and gurrellia warfare battlefields he traverses to find and stop Roberta and he develops alongside Fabiola to see what a hellhole Ronanpur is but to see Rock's descent into it and Garcia growing as a Master as a result. Fabiola may seem like a satellite character and one of the newer characters form this OVA but she seems like a contrast to Revy with the interactions with her and she got the Black Lagoon out of some spots at times as well so she's not exactly a throwaway character either.

The animation once again done by MADHOUSE, well it's Black Lagoon's aesthetic all right with all the crazy gunfighting and the like we've seen but amped up in a ways, almost like a theatrical movie a la Rambo with how fluid and fast paced the action is. Character designs are of course up to standard as well as the backgrounding,. Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail being an OVA was actually the best thing due to how gory the animation does get and they don't do no censors here so if you get squeamish, well Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail goes there with that but to be honest it only enhances how batshit insane and visceral the action becomes in Black Lagoon. Madhouse did it again really.

Voice acting, well we have the entire cast back and that is just awesome, with the one new character worth a mention of Fabiola voiced by Satsuki Yukino was nonetheless blended well with the other voice cast really, major MVP's goes to Daisuke Namikawa as Rock and Michie Tomizawa as Roberta.

Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail is another great installment to the Black Lagoon series, fleshing out almost EVERYONE in the process, drastically upping the stakes for everyone if they win or not and this under the premise of one batshit insane bloodhound maid out for revenge and going even more insane in the process of it all and LA was invested and loved every moment of it.

Ronanpur does things to your head...