Mar 29, 2019
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(I didn't read the manga so I can't compare manga and anime side-by-side).

Will you do it with me, here? - random passing girl, age 16.

After this awful experience, I have to confirm my theory: don't follow friends' recommendations. I didn't want to watch Domestic na Kanojo, but some guys were saying Wow! It was E-P-I-C, watch it! - and I had time to waste - so in the end I decided to watch it and... what can I say? It was horrible.

- Plot

The premise is quite dumb, because Domestic Girlfriend talks about a random girl called Rui who asks a TOTALLY RANDOM boy she meets, called Natsuo, to have sex... well... okay? He accepts. And Natsuo is in love with his teacher, Hina. Okay. Then, we get to know that Natsuo's father is remarrying. Natsuo's new stepmother is Hina and Rui's mother. Wow! What a coincidence! You may think: "This is just the original premise. It'll probably get better later, don't worry!". But you're wrong. Domestic na Kanojo's plot is ENTIRELY BUILT on coincidences. Let's talk about coincidences in anime.
There are cute coincidences, like "boy accidentally meets girl" and they don't take themselves too seriously. There can be Deus Ex Machina in an event. But this anime is a constant succession of coincidences and Deus Ex Machina! There were points in which Domestic Girlfriends could end! No. The plot forcedly goes forward, episode after episode.

Examples during the series
- Natsuo's new stepsisters are Hina and Rui.
- Hina sees Natsuo and Rui while kissing.
- Rui sees Natsuo and Hina while doing things.
- Natsuo sees Hina while mast-

Got it? This series should be taken itself seriously. But it's not, because it's not believable. It has more fantasy scenes than an isekai anime. And that's bad. But HEY! BD/DVDs will have explicit scenes! More actual PLOT!

- Art/Sound

The art is actually pretty good. Not the best ever, but it's fine, not bad like some shows this season (mmmmh... Date a Live III is that you?) - so we can say art is one of the best aspects this show has got. The OP is really good. The greatest this season for sure. Too bad it's wasted on a series like Domestic na Kanojo... The ED is quite good too.
I don't get why a sad music was played when Hina was mast----

- Characters

I HATE THEM! I HATE THEM ALL! Except Rui, maybe
Thinking: "A character who does bad things is not automatically a bad character" is right. But Domestic Girlfriend's characters are awful.

Natsuo is a dumbass. He accepts to have sex with Rui while he's in love with Hina-sensei. Then he tries to kiss Hina while she's sleeping the same day he gets to know that Hina and Rui will be his stepsisters. Seems right, yeah! Then he's sad for Kashiwabara Momo's story so he hangs out and does things with her, too. He says romantic sentences to Hina and then he kisses Rui. Then he constantly lies to Rui because he wants to go to Hina's house. Then he does explicit things with Hina, too! WHAT. THE HECK. IS. THIS. Are you joking? His characterisation? Mmh... let me think... I don't know, he's just an unfaithful boy. He likes to write books and tales about his love for Hina-sensei... okay.
Another thing pisses me off: when a girl sees him while cheating, he asks the girl who saw him betraying her: "why r u saddd, why are u angryyyy" - WHAT THE HECK.

Then we have HINA SENSEI. The woman Natsuo fell in love with. She has a relationship with a married man. Some days after she left him, she's interested to Natsuo again. Wow! It's right! When she sees Natsuo and Rui while kissing she is immediately HEARTBROKEN and she decides to move to a new house. BUT... she wants to f- with Natsuo, still! Hey! You've seen YOUR SISTER kissing him last day and then you betray her! What's wrong with you! You heartless monster! I hate her and Natsuo a lot.
In episode 11 she says: "Natsuo our relationship should end-", then, in like T-W-O seconds, she completely CHANGES idea. WHAAAAAA-

We have Rui. The only girl on the right side, probably Sure, asking a stranger to have sex for knowledge isn't normal, but at least she is kinda faithful to Natsuo and she doesn't betray him/go with other guys. She didn't know Natsuo was in love with Hina-sensei, so she didn't betray her sister's confidence while kissing Natsuo by purpose. Natsuo did.

We have Momo, a girl who hung out with billions of guys and she's infamous for it. Ok. Natsuo was sad so he decided to have sex with her lol. EVERYTHING IS FINE.

Minor characters Natsuo, Hina and Rui's parents! Wow! They don't know their children are constantly cheating!
Fumiya! Natsuo's friend he doesn't care about because Natsuo is too busy on CHEATING.
Masaki Kobayashi! A dude who works of a caffé.
Ashihara Miu! The president of the Literature Club! We don't know much about her, but Natsuo will probably cheat another time, I guess.
Other useless characters.

- Overall

Domestic na Kanojo was painful to watch. It's one of the worst anime I've watched so far. I don't know if I'll read the manga, but this 12 episode-based series was enough for me... I continued it just because I wanted to laugh.

(English is not my first language).