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Domestic na Kanojo

Alternative Titles

English: Domestic Girlfriend
Synonyms: Dome x Kano, Domekano
Japanese: ドメスティックな彼女


Type: TV
Episodes: 12
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jan 12, 2019 to Mar 30, 2019
Premiered: Winter 2019
Broadcast: Saturdays at 01:55 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: Diomedea
Source: Manga
Duration: 25 min. per ep.
Rating: R+ - Mild Nudity


Score: 7.191 (scored by 75,579 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #29842
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #591
Members: 174,535
Favorites: 1,539


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Mar 29, 2019
RebelPanda (All reviews)

Welcome aboard Domestic Dumpsterfire, the train to hell… Along the way we’ll see plenty of incest, degeneracy, forced drama, braindead characters, and the main reason why this show so popular, sex scenes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Ladies and gentlemen, I implore you, now is the time to grab a shovel and join me in burying this failed abortion of an anime for good.

Once upon a time, there was a dumb sack of potatoes named Natsuo. Fittingly, his name sounds like nut-sack because that is his defining character trait. His sex addiction rivals the protagonist read more
Feb 3, 2019
Johan_Liebert_ (All reviews)
One thing I never really understood about romance anime is why do most of them have to utterly fail at the one thing they set out to do. I’ve seen a plethora of romance anime which start off strong with an interesting setting and a likable cast just to throw them into a dumpster fire and follow the old, clichéd way of progressing the story. Domestic Girlfriend, unfortunately falls into the aforementioned category of romance anime.

The anime starts off pretty good with two high school students having sexual intercourse and then becoming step-siblings. Sounds like the most complicated hentai, right? Much to my read more
Feb 1, 2019
Karhu (All reviews)
I really like this "all women are whores and men even worse" take on the romance genre because it's just the most realistic thing that can occur to anyone older than 15. This spiced with some dramatic edgy and lots of sex are basically the best things in life anyway.

Our story starts off with the aftermaths of our main bro losing his virginity to some random girl who basically went "I am so bored I want to bang you" and then they did. Unfortunately this dude is also in love with (or more like lusts for) his teacher because MILFs. Just so happens to be, read more
Mar 29, 2019
XHellLyterX (All reviews)
Have you ever watched an anime and been annoyed at how slow the relationship between characters develops? Sometimes the furthest characters go throughout an entire season of liking each other is hand holding. Well, not with Domestic na Kanojo!!! The very first scene is two of the main characters having sex, almost making me think for a second that I had accidentally stumbled across a hentai. This anime immediately strives to set itself apart from the crowd. It endeavors to be special and throws all sorts of drama at us in the forms of forbidden incestuous love and depressed characters as if attempting to get read more
Mar 29, 2019
Stark700 (All reviews)
Fate is a funny thing. Some may believe in it while others pass it off as a superstition. When someone like Natsuo decided to have sex with a girl named Rui, and later became his step sister, is that fate too? It’s too bad since this high school boy has been in love with a teacher named Hina Tachibana and his life got even more complicated when she is his step sibling too. What the hell is wrong with this world?

From the way I see it, Domestic Kanojo (also known as Domestic Girlfriend) subscribes to a complicated romance story that feeds off of its drama. read more
Mar 29, 2019
AlucardNoYuuutsu (All reviews)
(I didn't read the manga so I can't compare manga and anime side-by-side).

Will you do it with me, here? - random passing girl, age 16.

After this awful experience, I have to confirm my theory: don't follow friends' recommendations. I didn't want to watch Domestic na Kanojo, but some guys were saying Wow! It was E-P-I-C, watch it! - and I had time to waste - so in the end I decided to watch it and... what can I say? It was horrible.

- Plot

The premise is quite dumb, because Domestic Girlfriend talks about a random girl called Rui who asks a TOTALLY RANDOM boy she read more
Feb 1, 2019
saiyan_junio (All reviews)
The anime gods have truly blessed us... A boy has a crush on his teacher; that boy has casual sex with a high school girl; his dad re-marries and he now has new family; his teacher and the girl he fucked are now his sisters... Anime is the greatest creation of all time.

Let's commence with the art style, it's appealing to the eye with decent character models although it does share similarities with other anime of the same genre. The visuals and animation are consistent and maintain a good quality although it never becomes great or outstanding; the art is probably the worst part of read more
Feb 26, 2019
LowATARHighIQ (All reviews)
Domestic na Kanojo is a poorly conducted Romance which attempts to integrate dramatic aspects into the show through predictable and unoriginal pathways. The series begins by introducing primary male protagonist Natsuo, instantly is it evident to anyone watching that there is absolutely nothing intriguing about Natsuo's characteristics. He has no hobbies, no close friends, no quirks, and absolutely no other ambition in life other than to slide into bed with his Teacher. Like any other troubled teen who has failed to obtain any recognition from their crush, Natsuo does the next best logical thing, lose your virginity to your crush's biological sister, of course, read more
Feb 23, 2019
KillerCengaver (All reviews)
Domestic Trash is a god bless, Never have I enjoyed a show to this extent.

Domestic Trash, as the name suggests, starts as a trashy show, and you will have to bear through the first 6 episodes to see the episode that god itself will question, "Why did I even create humans in the first place, one thing I know, it was not so they would create this".

The first few episodes are very underwhelming, but as it progresses it goes from trash to potentially a great anime that people can unironically enjoy. But when it reaches the episode 7 it takes a 180 turn and read more
Mar 29, 2019
papsoshea (All reviews)
You don’t have a dirty mind, or a weak constitution, or lack of morals—you simply find the forbidden so tempting, just like the rest of us. Looking for something scandalous? You know the kind. The ones that have you connecting to the characters and their plight, despite your initial reaction to the “subject matter”. Taboo stories, from teacher-student love to problematic age differences etc., they take you out of your comfort zone, make you squirm, squick you out and give you stomach pains. Yet they still tempt us, draw us in, like moths to a lantern. We know the destination to these stories, yet we read more
Mar 29, 2019
Krunchyman (All reviews)
Hmm, how should I sum up Domestic Girlfriend?

Natsuo gets in between his two sisters…..nailed it!

But Domestic Girlfriend is not your typical bludgeoning of the flaps for the purposes of stimulating that intense surge of dopamine. Instead, its primary focus is on the emotional aspects of an awkward circumstance of which the “fated” lovers — Natsuo and Rui — have no say over. It’s certainly not the type of anime that will appeal to the action-oriented crowd or the numerous romcom enthusiasts (although, there are a handful of comedic moments). No. This is the type of anime that offers a read more
Mar 30, 2019
Gamer651 (All reviews)
Domestic na Kanojo had quite an impression on me when I have first watched it, be it the situations showed in recent episodes is quite interesting, to say the least.

(Spoiler Free Review)

Story: 8/10
The story of this anime provides an interesting concept that has gripped me during the start when I first watched it. Essentially it could have definitely been done better, but overall it was still compelling. The story is simplistic in manner and easy to understand, with the concept of love and all, but delivers a complex situation that is hard to fix. The pacing of the show is continuous, The "scenes" read more
Mar 22, 2019
IWannaMuffin (All reviews)
Honestly when i saw the anime that was going to be airing this season i thought 'huh that looks like the Citrus type of garbage (the meme type or the type that is so bad its good) ,so i thought why not add that to my plan to watch as ill get to it eventually.

To start with i literally watched all of the episodes back to back (at time of writing 10) because this show is my favourite show i have watched in a while not because its good by any means its just garbage but with a plot that could indeed happen although read more
Mar 7, 2019
Davi_Z (All reviews)
This anime is intriguing.

On one side, we have a beautiful young teacher, whom the main character is in love with. On the other side, we have a cute, kind teen, who had sex with the main character. Now, which one will he choose?

At first glance, this seems like a clichè plot since it looks like a harem with a dumb main character. However, you are wrong. This main character, to me, is relatively smart. The chicks from the shows are not dumb and childish girls. Nah. They are mature and have their own background stories. In addition, this anime is not only full read more
Feb 1, 2019
The-Observer95 (All reviews)
Its the Kuzu no Honkai (Scums with) 2.0 but more scummier and incest driven. Where Scums wish shied away from certain topics and scenario's, Domestic na Kanojo delivers on those scenario's. This show is not for everyone, some people will despise it for the reason that is obvious. I mean incest is not something we take lightly in anime specially outside the Japan, where in Japan its understood that its fiction in west, well just ask the Goblin Slayer's fans how kindly they handled one rape scene that was crucial to the story. One other thing that surprised me that it did not look like read more
Mar 21, 2019
Kumigi (All reviews)
Sweet home Alabama, the anime.

It has ALL the cliches possible, it's a wannabe hentai with a hentai plot, the characters are awful and the story is fucked up. Yet you keep watching it because somehow it's SO trashy that it's good. You keep cheering for Rui to end up with Natsuo, but then you remember that they are fucking siblings. Every single episode you'll yell loudly "NO, WTF ARE YOU DOING, STOP".

It's so trashy that's good, that's how I define this hot flaming garbage. I can't stop watching that shit. It's awful, but you want to know what fucked up thing happens next. God read more
Feb 11, 2019
infinite_Fiend (All reviews)
I have been waiting so long for an incest anime that I can actually can get behind. Unlike most people, I don’t lie to myself and think incest is some gross taboo; I full on admit incest is hot as hell and look forward to see what little sisters will impress me this season. On top of that, the morality of incest debate is something I find really fascinating. If you’re curious why, then feel free to check out this debate on the topic (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPFbl4fEaYE). Since I’m advocating for incest anime, that obviously makes me of the belief read more
Feb 3, 2019
Shochraos (All reviews)
Domestic na Kanojo... Where should I start?
Well I had very high expectations for this anime, as i put it on my PTW as soon as it was put on MAL. Unfortunately this anime doesn't meet them.
I will start with the story. I won't be explaining it in this review, because you can easily read the synopsis on this anime page. The story is certainly interesting but fails to deliver through bad pacing and mediocre drama. In episode 3, which was drama-heavy, I just started laughing 3 minutes in. It's just not convincing enough. Thats why it gets a 6/10 in terms of writing.

But to read more
Mar 23, 2019
TunyVuny (All reviews)
OK, the meaning of the title of Anime is Domestic= family relation, Kanojo i.e. Girlfriend.

First of all i don't want to degrade a writer's story i.e. this Anime, but i would like to say that he's just complicating the story more & more.

Story starts with a very nostalgic way of a hentai, with this I've no problem as this was a good concept to adapt, but problem starts when it gets super complicated. For me Complicacy is good for mystery related Anime, a little bit of complicacy is tolerable can be added to a romance story, but when complicacy meter crosses that tolerable level, i read more
Mar 10, 2019
MGDawson (All reviews)
I'd love to be able to recommend this anime, which deals with quite a lot of adult themes compared to other school-based anime.

HOWEVER, the MC is poorly written and has conflicting morals, the harem-y aspect doesn't quite work, and frankly the pacing is awful at times (some elements end quite quickly, others take too long, and some elements are broken
up across episodes).

Some characters seem to be a bit OP and better written than some, and others don't fit IMHO (such as the bar owner).

It has quite good art and music, shame the rest of it is lacking and doesn't quite 'add read more