Dec 25, 2018
If you have watched any of HxH, go ahead and watch this. It's amazing. I started by watching the new adaptation of HxH and then went back to watch all the old adaptations, and I'm really glad I did. There is some sort of nostalgia to the old ones that every diehard fan needs to see. Going into the specifics...

The story is the same as the manga and the new adaptation. For new viewers, it's just a lot of MMORPG fun. The classic 'sucked into the game' ritual. It's Sword Art Online, but a million times better and with an actual plot. Honestly, this is probably my favorite HxH arc besides York New. It's got a good balance of everything. Especially concerning the plot, it has humor and serious moments that really push the story forwards. On top of that, the logistics of the game itself are very well thought out and make it an interesting 'world' for our main characters to play in.

For the time, the art is actually quite amazing. There are times where the characters are drawn a little strangely and seem a little disproportionate, but the animation is scarily smooth and fluid, and so much effort went into every single aspect of it. Believe me, you will forget that it's even an old anime at some point.

I usually don't like the opening and closing themes of old anime. Honestly, I didn't like the openings and closings of some of the other OVAs in the old adaptation. But the ones in this OVA specifically were actually really good. They called to mind some sort of nostalgia that reminded me of Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, almost. They are reminiscent of struggle, hard work, and growth somehow. It's a strange way to describe an anime opening, but it's really what it felt like to me.

The characters overall are the highlight of this show, besides the world-building. Both aspects shine in this OVA, but the characters undergo the most development. Gon and Killua are shown to not be invincible, but they are definitely on their way there. Watching their childish foolishness is quite heartwarming and realistic, as is their honest conviction towards the game. HxH has a great talent for portraying every character, whether they be a saint or a mass murderer, as likable and somehow relatable. Truly amazing writing.

Overall, this was so much fun to watch. I can never get enough of this show!

I would recommend this if you: have read the manga, have watched any of the old adaptation, have watched the new adaptation, like 'superpower' anime, like anime about naive children becoming super strong, like traditional shounen, like immersive MMORPG anime

I would NOT recommend this if you: did not enjoy other HxH material, don't like 'video game' anime

In all honesty, if you are a Hunter x Hunter fan, you definitely will not be disappointed by this. There absolutely no way.

So I hope you watch and enjoy this. Have a great day everyone!
Reviewer’s Rating: 9
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