Dec 7, 2018
KiliianSleipnir (All reviews)
since I've already written the only synopsis this show apparently has... if there's another one out there awaiting approval I don't know... I'll just skip to my review instead. I just finished episode 2 and I've gotta say, it's not much different that episode one... quality wise. this show isn't perfect:

1. the story isn't REALLY well written up, but each ep isn't that long to begin with so the studio doesn't have time to include the 'naughty stuff' along with a whole BUNCH of backstory/world building. but each individual 'setting' is done pretty well. the pacing and forwards progression seems to be done well. the 'this, then that, then the other thing' writing seems to work well. once in a while you'll get the sudden 'jump to the next scene in the setting... NOW!' without a 'movement transition' but it's not all that often.

2. the art is GOOD! but the animation is often TERRIBLE in places. there's MANY looped scenes, Lara and Hiroki don't seem in synch sometimes while they're 'moving sexily together'. plus, the artists seem TERRIBLE at kissing frames. but, all in all it isn't THAT bad of a pair of episodes. the colors are gorgeous and the character designs are great too. of course our hero Hiroki isn't all that well drawn in places, but most hentai do that to enhance the 'immersion factor' for us fap-happy hentai fans to ... ahem... insert ourselves into the 'insertion scenes' ;9 not a lot of X-Ray scenes, just a few here and there. I know some folks love em and some folks despise them, so I think this show did a decent job of balancing those two opposed views.

3. sound. exquisite. Lara's VA is quite... mhm! delish! Hiroki is a good actor too, and in the 2nd episode there are 2 other female demis introduced. they both did pretty good jobs too. the music isn't terrible. it actually is well scored and fits each scene/situation/mood quite well. n the 'squishy naughty noises' are well done too!

4. character. well, of course the development isn't all that good. it's a short hentai folks. we get zero backstory on how Lara and Hiroki hook up in the beginning. but the ending is a happy one so i'll try and not spoil it other than that statement.

5. enjoyment. HELLS YEAH! my favorite kinda H out there. NON RAPEY ELF PORN! :D yay!!!! well. there's... ok just watch episode two and you'll see how I'm torn about reviewing it without spoiling the readers. but if you're tired of ALL the elf H out there being rapey, watch this show, you'll like it!

6. overall. it's not perfect. but it's damn good H!