Dec 1, 2018
Ankithadam (All reviews)
Watching Sakurada Reset felt like watching various popular shows at the same time:

~ Take a setting like that of "Charlotte" where people have special powers,
~ but make the story revolve around few characters with time reversal like "STEINS;GATE",
~ bring in an MC who has logic and intelligence like Ayumu from "Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna",
~ Making the conversations long like "HYOUKA" or "MONOGATARI series" and
~ finally most importantly add the philosophy like that of "MAWARU PENGUINDRUM" whose true essence never came out and there you get "Sakurada reset"

So basically, the story is simple, a town having people with special abilities and there is a mysterious Administration Bureau which controls how the things work, but our MC tries to help them but also tries to uncover the secrets behind the organization.

The main problem with this series is that, it tried to put 24+12 episodes of content in 24 episodes which made it seem little less lively but that doesn't mean the series is worthless like the rating shown, but to be honest the content of the story is on par with all the names of anime I have mentioned earlier. As the story covers events of elementary, middle and high school life in just this short span.

This series has one of the best written stories because when it states the rules of a person's abilities, it strictly sticks to it and also gives us insight of how it can be used various other things, which you might not expect when you aren't thinking out of the box, which shows like "Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works" failed miserably, as they don't give any proper reason for rules being bent for the sake of story.

The most important thing which I've found interesting in this series is the "Philosophical thoughts" which were really well written and analyzed and no doubt they are even applicable in our real world.

Coming to characters, its the main drawback of the series, I mean mostly only 3 characters are developed and that too you wouldn't know much of their backstory about why they were being emotionless. That's what makes people hate this show, i.e., you can't say which character you like the most or whose behavior you liked, but you can only just say that the ending is beautiful and a story worth the watch.

The MC Asai Kei might not be cool, but he is definitely one of the smartest characters in anime history. Its just that he is not someone who you might take for a favorite person, but he has good ideas, also he is someone who tries to reach everyone needs, which is as if he is trying to be a God but if you just skip that part of his naïve ideal rest assured is good.

Coming to soundtracks, there aren't any noteworthy soundtracks, but the op and ed songs are good to listen.

Art is very common, which isn't much appealing to see but it's alright to watch.

Well that being said, this series might not be something great, but it definitely underrated and has one of well-written story and philosophy, so watch it with patience as the ending is worth the watch. It doesn't have cool fights but it has some really interesting battle of wits. I know people dropped it because waiting for week for a single episode is a real pain, but now you can binge watch it and taste the true essence of a masterpiece.