Sakurada Reset

Sagrada Reset

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Alternative Titles

Japanese: サクラダリセット
English: Sagrada Reset
Spanish: Sagrada Reset
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Type: TV
Episodes: 24
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Apr 5, 2017 to Sep 13, 2017
Premiered: Spring 2017
Broadcast: Wednesdays at 23:30 (JST)
Licensors: Sentai Filmworks
Studios: David Production
Source: Light novel
Genres: MysteryMystery, SupernaturalSupernatural
Themes: SchoolSchool, Super PowerSuper Power, Time TravelTime Travel
Duration: 25 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 7.351 (scored by 3992839,928 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #22412
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1391
Members: 135,765
Favorites: 539

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Preliminary Show Spoilers
Sep 13, 2017
AdolZeppeli (All reviews)
Don't let the scores this show received on previews deceive you. this show is actually a Hidden gem among all the anime between this and spring season. is sad that this show received such a harsh treatment from many people with different opinions, like the show being slow, emotionless, boring, uninteresting, etc. but when it comes to its own merits, Sakurada Reset shines for being an Anime that does things well, yeah that's right, you won't see that many anime having a great plot without forgetting things they said and then doing otherwise. in Sakurada Reset case, it manages to stick to its own Idea read more
Sep 13, 2017
balagergo (All reviews)
Considering that an article on this very site, written somewhere around the end of last season, has already declared this show to be a "miss" at its halfway point (real professional work there, guys, next time you should just rank animes based on their announcement PVs), and that most viewers have already decided to drop the series in favour of the latest pseudo-hentai, harem LN adaptation, it might be far too late for me to write a review about this piece of work, killed before it ever had the chance to show its values, but I believe that Sakurada Reset deserves better.

First, let's acknowledge read more
Sep 13, 2017
Werty800 (All reviews)
Hey, do you know that show called Monogatari? If you do, try to remember what Monogatari is like for a second. It's a show which is full of dialogues. It's a show which has most of its big moments resolved through dialogues. It's a show that was able to focus both on telling and showing at the same time, proving to many that "show don't tell" really isn't the be all end all for visual media like anime. Now take every person from the staff that worked on it, anyone that had any creative input in it, and give it to people who can't comprehend read more
May 11, 2017
Friendly_Fire (All reviews)
Every season has its crop of shows that just simply aren't up to snuff, and Spring 2017 is no different. Sakurada Reset, however, manages to blow all the other bad shows out of the water with just how awful it is. It attempts to lure you in with a fairly interesting gimmick about time travel and super powers, but once you actually start watching it's all downhill from there.

Episode 1: Right away you can tell that something is wrong with this show. For one, the characters do not feel like actual people. You can count the amount of time that the MC blinks on a read more
Sep 12, 2017
Pipe (All reviews)
"Who owns the McGuffin will control all the abilities in Sakurada" Don't worry, the McGuffin meaning is complicated, but at the end, we could understand it ... or not.

The weighted score and negative reviews scared a lot of the persons around. The complexity in the first episodes was the escape route for a lot of individuals. Gladly, I decided to continue with the story, and I am not disappointed.

I consider this story very complicated, and you need to pay extra attention to the details. That is the reason why at first in the building, several users complained about the pacing and the boredom.

The read more
May 10, 2017
Yokan-chan (All reviews)
Here's a quick summary: The first 2 episodes suck ass, judge it after watching episodes 3 and 4. Episode 4 is where it starts to get real, the characters seem lifeless but they will get better.

Story: (9/10) (it only says 10/10 because that 6.66 is bs)

Sakurada is a town that is disconnected from the rest of the world where everyone living their openly show their powers yet no one outside knows about this.

It starts of with Haruki a girl who can turn back time for 3 days but is useless since her memories revert back as well, Kei read more
Jun 13, 2017
Shinwinds (All reviews)
There is a Rule when watch new anime. The Three episode Rule is the Rule i am talking about. But sakurada reset isn't an anime that can be watch with the Three episode Rule. Why? Because the story unravel at episode 6, and at episode 10 the story actually begin and more engaging.

Yes the first time you watch this anime the character is boring, the story didn't really tell, and so on. I have the same thought when i watch those first three episode. But the more episode i watch the more engaging the story has become.

I think sakurada reset isn't for anyone, read more
Aug 18, 2017
SnowTV (All reviews)
I just can't understand why the score of this anime is lower than Boku dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED).

I currently give it a 10/10 because right now the 6.xx score is really not justifying this anime. But it may not be a master piece, and I also have to wait for the rest of the four episode.

This anime is plot heavy, it involves a lot of dialogues but not very much action scenes. It has a large amount of dialogues because it needs them to explain the motivation of each character and how the abilities are working together to create the result. I was not read more
Jun 7, 2017
ItsFilipe (All reviews)
I started watching "Sakurada Reset" after i found the synopsis quite interesting in the first place when we knew it was going to have an anime.
I really wanted to drop this show in the first few episodes but now that we are halfway throught im so glad i didn't drop it. The plot twist that happened in order to explain the connection that everything had was just plain fenomenal.
This show started really slow but it suddently improved a lot by keeping this mystery alive, Soma Sumire had to be one of the best plot triggers I have ever seen in an anime.
The main caracter Asai read more
Sep 13, 2017
Fircoal (All reviews)
After the first 3 episodes of this show, I was ready to pick apart every single flaw and problem that this show had. I was so enraged at the lack of quality that had made up the first three episodes. This was going to be my magnum opus review where I shredded apart this show and exposed it bare for the lack of quality that it was.

But then something happened. It suddenly stopped sucking. Maybe it was Amazon treating the subs better or maybe it was the show having a clearer idea of what it was doing. Either way it got better. Not good, read more
Jul 30, 2017
harakirimorning (All reviews)
in watching sakurada reset, i found myself reminded of works by james joyce, franz kafka, and arthur conan doyle. like joyce's works, information in sakurada reset is presented on several different levels simultaneously and does require a bit of effort to unravel, which [depending on your point of view] could either be refreshing, or simply make your head hurt.

i also found several points in common with other anime, such as steins;gate, occultic;nine, the kubikiri cycle, and others of the genre. sakurada reset is, at its most basic, a mystery. if you like puzzles and thinking about things, and won't complain if there's no fanservice, ecchi, read more
Aug 12, 2017
flyin1501 (All reviews)
Damn the current description on MAL really sucks. Can someone accept my translation of the official synopsis that I submitted a few days ago? Because I feel like with that description, being what many people see before they watch the show, really screws up people's expectations on it.

So, the premise of this story is that a friend (Sumire here on) of our protagonist(s) (Kei and Haruki) has set up a mystery, and they are going to figure it out because that friend killed herself, and solving that mystery eventually (sort of) resurrects her. NOT "guy uses superpower to overthrow the authority in a town of read more
Jun 28, 2017
injecting_anime (All reviews)
“Boring story, unrealistic characters, and too much dialogue.”

These complaints are thrown around a lot when it comes to this show (the former two more than the latter), and while you can easily substitute those complaints with ”slow-burning”, “stoic” and “dialog-heavy”, the 6.63 it got on here makes it obvious that there is something about this show that just doesn’t click with the audience.
Now, I’m not here to tell you that those complaints are invalid (because they aren’t) all I’m trying to do here is explain why those aspects aren’t hindering my enjoyment.

I’ll start by addressing the pacing, from there on I can read more
Aug 21, 2017
Gabriel_Lungu (All reviews)
This is my first review of any anime I have ever watched because I felt, it deserves it.

The series questions morality, philosophy and human nature, in a detached way, leaving aside human emotion and being based only on logic. (or that is my take on what I saw, where some may say I am giving too much depth to how things are in reality)
Only to observe how feelings emerge from the "heartless" characters.

It's not your typical anime, it doesn't lack emotion, it's not for everyone, it makes you think about life, death, love (love triangle), morality.

Characters are, as some people say, "robotic" at first, where read more
Jul 6, 2017
Disterben (All reviews)
This anime is absolutely terrible beyond anything I've ever seen. Not only is it more boring than watching paint dry, it is trying to become a new level of trash, and each episode just keeps one-upping the previous in doing so. Every single character in the show is extremely boring, lifeless and robotic, has absolutely no human emotions, and makes illogical decisions for no reason. The characters have had zero character development over the last 13 episodes I have seen, even less than Sword Art Online, which as far as I'm concerned, takes a mastermind to pull off. The plot is inconsistent, makes no sense, read more
Sep 21, 2017
raisin-kun (All reviews)
"I like hearing wind chimes when I least expected it. Like finding a rainbow." Sakurada Reset; episode 3

"Please, Tomoki. It's like a exchanging rings becasue you pledge your everlasting love to God." Sakurada Reset; episode 16

"Thank you, I wouldn't want the ice cream to melt." Sakurada Reset; episode 18

"Grab her by the p*ssy" Sakurada Reset; episode 25

Sakurada Reset is an anime that grabbed my attention months before it started airing. The story's main gimmick- the reset ability- is an interesting concept that has been explored well in literature and other anime but with this anime promising a young duo using clever tactics and wit read more
May 29, 2017
AmbyChan (All reviews)
There's so much contradictory reviews of this anime. Anyways, i will be giving my take on it.

This anime is for kinda experienced viewers, & i don't mean mature, but experienced. If u have watched tons of anime, & by this time its hard to find good anime which can keep you entertained, without you guessing whats gonna happen in next/last episode by watching the 1st/more episodes , or even after that watching all of it cause it was just that good/fun/entertaining, then this anime might be worth your time.
As for light viewers, watch it when u have some time in your hand,i think this will read more
Jun 29, 2017
Leegf (All reviews)
"Do you know who's an android?"

I know. Every character of this show.

Sakurada city. The city which is full of people with special abilities. Kinda mediocre premise, right? Right. Though, it's far off from being something like a mediocre shounen but that doesn't cancel a mediocreness of the show.
I've watched 12 episodes. There were a lot of info. What I've got from it? Some pretentious pseudo philosophical phrases. Lots of meaningless dialogues which made me think about one thing: please, someone teach them how to communicate. One robot talking to another.
Sure, there were some interesting twists and ideas. The show has some tremendous read more
Sep 13, 2017
Shingster (All reviews)
Please Note This review assumes that you have finished watching Sakurada reset and while care has been taken to minimize story related spoilers there will some spoilers within character analysis.

Sakurada Reset is based off a popular light novel of the same name and introduces a rather interesting setting that puts a unique take on the powers genre. The overall premise of Sakurada Reset is twofold. On the surface Sakurada Reset is a power based anime that also feature heavy elements of human drama, mystery and school genre elements but it also features a unique play on the traditional powers anime. Because of read more
Sep 13, 2017
DeathToBoredom (All reviews)
This anime is a book of poetry. You will not find any brawls here, and there are no special effects for powers. They're usually very powerful though. The atmosphere is peaceful. Overall, this is more for a mature audience in general. You won't see fan service and it's best not to expect any.

The biggest reason I'm writing this review is just to tell people to go to Reddit after each episode so that they can read the comments to understand important details in each of the episodes.
I hear that it is all slow until episode 6, but it's definitely all worth it if read more