Nov 30, 2018
From the studio Production I.G. that have blessed us an one episode OVA from 1993 called Fantasia. I have no idea why they made this, but I'm sure they should have used the time investment in creating this in something better instead of making this one episode OVA.

Story: 2/10 (Horrible)
If you can expect a good story in one episode of 25 minutes long, you're wrong. The "story" pretty boils down to a dude that trips over a carpet and later stumbles down on a pink haired magical girl on the pretty much one of the most stereotypical way guys stuble upon anime girls because anime physics. The OVA tries to tell us a story with pretty much every anime trope you can think off that was popular in the '90 jammed into 25 minutes and fails. I've seen average hentai in the past that contains a better plot that did made more sense and I'm not even joking.

Art: 5/10 (Average)
As this OVA got released in 1993, you can expect the typical art-style from the '90's. For modern standards you can write it off as 'bad', but in 1993 I think the art-style would be decent for it's time. Some may like it, some don't.

Sound: 4/10 (Bad)
The audio, well, I don't think it's that good. It's just your typical sound effects from the 90's and quite bad voice acting combined together. I even can't recall anymore I've heard any music used aswell, but as you guess by now I was not very fond of the sound in general.

Charather: 3/10 (Very Bad)
The charathers are very bland in pretty much every way possible. I've seen much more interessing charathers in similair shows.

Enjoyment: 3/10 (Very Bad)
I'm going to be honest and I really didn't liked the time investment for the one episode OVA. It was quite boring to say the least and I could have done something more productive with that small half hour. Sure, it was only about a small half hour, but still...

Overall: 3/10 (Very Bad)
In overall, I don't really recommend this one episode OVA unless you really want to waste a small half hour watching popular anime tropes of the '90's and hearing comical sound effects jammed in together that tries to tell you a story.
Reviewer’s Rating: 3
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