Nov 13, 2018
mangareader123 (All reviews)
Like most coming of age mangas, this story starts with a highschool student. His name is Miyamoto Dai. Dai plays basketball sincerely and for fun, but he knows that this cannot be his future. He knows this is not the passion of his life. One day Dai listens to a Jazz concert and realises, this is what he wants to do. And his brother buys him a saxophone and Dai goes to the riverside and starts playing. With this beginning, I was already hooked, and as the story progressed so did my love for it.

Simple story, boy falls in love with Jazz, and keeps playing though rain, heat, snow, fear, criticism and self doubt. He loves his saxophone.

The art is good, especially the intricate sketches of the shiny instruments.

Dai is the main character and he is well crafted. He has a stable head, is kind, and wildly ambitions as far as his Jazz if concerned. Other characters like his friends, brother, etc are also well crafted.

Highly enjoyable! I read the entire 20 chapters scanlated online in one sitting. Can't wait for more chapters.

I was shocked to see such a great manga with no reviews, then I realized that only a few chapters have been scanlated. It does not matter, just read it. You'll love it.