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Jan 23, 2021
Mizuki and Kazu lived next door, and grew up together. Mizuki is 3yr younger and often thought this was a gap between them. But they got married!! This manga is all about their everyday beautiful married life, life as lovers, as parents and more.

From time to time we get flashbacks from childhood, high school and university days.

Art is clear, character design is nice. Mizuki is cute. This story itself is so cute.

You’ll love all the characters. No villain or enemy, just pure love and family time.

This is the most wholesome romantic manga you’ll ever find. Slice of life.
Chapters are short, and you can binge through read more
Jan 15, 2021
This is a unique manga. Dubiously underrated.

The protagonist is a guy called Totono.(weird name)
He is smart, calculative and not at all shy to voice his thoughts.
Every chapter has a murder mystery and yet the feel of the manga is very light, enjoyable. Can even say it’s funny. Even philosophical at times.

Story: 9
I love episodic manga, with a little world building. And this perfectly fits the bill.
We see whodunit murder mysteries, and very logical explanations and deductions.

Art: 8
This manga has big focus on dialog rather than the art. Yet, the art is really good. Clean, beautiful.

Character: 8
Characters come read more
Sep 7, 2020
Ao Ashi (Manga) add (All reviews)
Ao ashi is a football manga about a suburban kid who goes to Tokyo to become a pro. The kid’s name is Aoi Ashito.

Story (7)
As you see, the plot sounds nothing original. But the presentation is fresh.
The kid is good but not overpowered.
Instead of shonen logic of “genius son of genius father” or “power of friendship” Ashito grows by practising football/soccer.
He is consistent, stubborn, a little slow to learn but hardworking.

Most football manga like in Inazuma XI, Captain Tsubasa and Days are pretty unrealistic. They are good, but aimed at kids.
This however is VERY realistic. We learn about football— training in Rondo, Passing>dribbling, vision read more
Jun 4, 2020
Reiri (Manga) add (All reviews)
Reiri is a historical fiction manga written by Hitoshi Iwaaki(parasyte/ historie).. It's about a girl whose family is killed but she is saved by a Samurai Lord. She decides to become a fighter for him.
If you like Japanese history, this is a must read. It has great action, dialog and thoroughly enjoyable.
We see Tokugawa Ieyasu, Oda Nobunaga, Takeda Nobukaysu and other warlords make war. And Reiri is in the midst of it all!!

Story: 8
It's fiction. But follows history as closely as possible, with few added spices.

Art: 8
Art is always smooth and easy on the read more
Dec 10, 2019
Ao ni nare/ Be Blues

It is a shonen manga about a kid Ryuu Ichijou who wants to turn blue ie. wear Blue jersey of the Japanese National Football team.

I say it's shonen but it is without the usual tropes. In this story the protagonist levels up by his own effort, he plans for success, and from time to time gets unlucky too. We see him struggling and he responds in a realistic manner.
This is unlike other shonen where the MC gets sudden powerups, has amazing genes due to a legendary father, and is always lucky to meet great teachers who teach them forbidden techniques.

The story read more
Jan 2, 2019
It seems strange that nobody has written a review for such an amazing manga. So I'll write one! I've read 11 chapters so far and plan to catch up to scanlated chapters today itself.

A teenager skips time, and takes the place of Oda Nobunaga. Reminds me of another manga called Jin, which is good too.
The genre is historical fiction, with action and drama.
Most historical facts are correct, with minor details changed for entertainment.

Characters are drawn well, I'm always happy when each character has a unique look. Art is good, to say the least.

I like the lead replacement Oda, yet he is always hard to understand. read more
Dec 31, 2018
ReLIFE (Manga) add (All reviews)
Starting reading ReLife yesterday, read through it in one go. Loved it from the first page to the last. The guy we are introduced to in the beginning made me empathise. I could relate to him and his dreams of a happy middle class life. I felt excited how his life would turn out. The ReLife was a Deux Ex machina, but not really, since it is the very premise of the book.

This is a story of highschool romance, of the hardships of adjusting to adult life, of friendship and of second chances in life. It is a slice of read more
Nov 13, 2018
Like most coming of age mangas, this story starts with a highschool student. His name is Miyamoto Dai. Dai plays basketball sincerely and for fun, but he knows that this cannot be his future. He knows this is not the passion of his life. One day Dai listens to a Jazz concert and realises, this is what he wants to do. And his brother buys him a saxophone and Dai goes to the riverside and starts playing. With this beginning, I was already hooked, and as the story progressed so did my love for it.

Simple story, boy falls in love with Jazz, and keeps playing read more
Nov 13, 2018
Kurayami Dance or Dance in the Darkness, is a short manga, with only 20 chapters. It reads like a novel,ie. it is unlike your everyday manga, where there is a highschool, heroes, villains,etc.

There story is surrealistic, we don't know what is true and what is a figment of imagination. Still, it is interesting. Had the manga stretched for more than 20 chapters, I might've been bored.

The art is clean, easy on the eyes.

There is a protagonist, and a handful others, we don't spend much time with a character to relate. But this style suits this manga.

On its own, I found the ride to read more
Nov 13, 2018
Fuuka (Manga) add (All reviews)
Yuu Haruna is the typical shonen protagonist, a plain looking guy with no particular abilities. He meets an interesting girl, Fuuka and shares her interest in music. They met a few more friends and make a music band. That's the beginning of this manga, Fuuka.

I really love Beck, so I saw that Fuuka was recommended, what I also saw was that it had lots of downvotes, ie. many people have rated it 1/10 , and that's unreasonable. Maybe it is because when they started reading, they were expecting a sequel to Suzuka,(by Seo Kouji, same author), or maybe they were expecting a definite plot, sadly read more