Nov 9, 2018
Mira071198 (All reviews)
Thank god for changing the studio, now this, THIS, is what I like to see!

Like, seriously, compared to the (thou-shalt-not-be-remembered) first season, the animation DRASTICALLY turned up so fine that I desperately wish they continue this quality of animation up till the end (or else... *cries in the void*)

Things I appreciate in this adaptation:

- the pacing is surprisingly not that bad (although not that good, too... such is the fate of game-turned-anime shows)
- no awkward CG's yey!
- the "objection" animation is more natural and not that emphasized and over-the-top (although still kind of is... but yah get what I mean)
- there are actually behind-the-scene things that happens whenever an investigation-thingy happens (ex. Phoenix Wright talking to Detective Gumshoe while Maya is searching around and messing with some stuff). this is an important and crucial thing that the first (thou-shalt-not-be-remembered) season missed the mark on... but this season DID! so... yey!

Can't wait to see if Ace Attorney anime redeems itself! <3