Oct 19, 2018
HatefulEnjay (All reviews)
This story starts off as a cross between "The Hills Have Eyes" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" on an island, then goes in an odd direction: the psychotic, mutant cannibal clan are by far the most sympathetic characters in it. This is probably this manga's most notable feature, and I think it's biggest shortcoming. The intent was likely to be social commentary, as in even decent people will do horrible things in bad enough circumstances. Instead, it largely just comes off as every single character being a cartoonishly horrible person.

The reason I consider this a shortcoming is because, if the insane cannibals are far more sympathetic than the people they're hunting, you don't really care if the protagonists live or die and any horror subjected to them is rendered moot. Still, the cannibals' own antics do make the story somewhat entertaining, even if I've mostly been left hoping they'll just kill all the protagonists and be done with it.