Jul 7, 2018
Rahkshilord (All reviews)
I had no idea what this was when I saw it pop up on crunchyroll, so I took a chance and watched it. I regret this immensely. At times I couldn't stop laughing, at times I was on the verge of crying, but regardless of my emotional state the entire time I watched this OVA I wanted to die.

The story is absolute nonsense where some idiots accidentally unleash the ultimate evil from a coffin in the basement of a university: two Gothic Lolitas who are also super powered zombies! The rest of the movie is about them fighting said zombies in baffling stupid ways. Until a new zombie shows up to fight the old zombie in a ridiculous super-powered basketball game. (I’m dead serious, that happens.)

The reason this show made me wish I too were a shambling corpse instead of a living person was twofold: the high level of stupidity the plot throws at you every single scene, and the strange, schizophrenic tone of it all. Was it trying to be a comedy, a trashy action movie, or a horror anime? At some point they must not have known what to go with so it’s ALL OF THEM AT ONCE!

Jumping from a stupid comedy scene to a kung fu battle back to comedy to intensely brutal gore made my head spin and it does it quite often. Too many scenes seemed to be played for comedy like a girl screaming like an ecchi comedy lead, only to rip someone’s arm off and transition the scene into gory horror with nothing to indicate it was now going to play the horror tropes straight instead of taking the piss like it just did two seconds ago.

I really, really don’t know what they were going for here, but even if you ignore the writing and focus on the other aspects it’s still completely awful. The musical score is generic and bland, the sound effects sound very stock, the voice acting is fine but nothing special and the artstyle is hideous. Once and a while the animation was decent, but it was mostly pretty bad, very choppy and poorly drawn.

The dialog was painfully stiff and at times incomprehensible and crunchyroll’s absurdly bad subtitling job didn’t help this, it rendered it almost completely unwatchable on top of it being unwatchably bad in general.