Jul 5, 2018
Kanashi335 (All reviews)
"If lets say, you were to write a story with me as the main character, it would certainly be a tragedy" What an amazing ride this manga has been for the last seven years from the first one to the sequel. In this review i will try to cover only the sequel.

Story: 9
I feel like the story is not the strongest part of what makes the manga that much enjoyable but is the characters and their development as well, but after a certain point of this manga we finally saw what the true purpose of this story is about, as we saw what characters were the actual main villains and who were eventually the savours. I won't say much more so I don't spoil anything else, but after 60-70 chapters we learn so much about all this untold story which sounds like a completely different take which was awesome and actually made sense!!

At the first 1/3 of the manga the art was a bit difficult to understand at some points mostly because there were so many new characters introduced, plus that the old cast came back and we could a lot of times get confused(mostly in the fights) and also because Kanekis' hair as with his personality chanegd so many times sometimes you could get confused of who is fighting who especially at the Rose arc, but after we got used to the characters and Kaneki finally had a more stabilized haircut , it was easier to understand. Other than that the art is just outstanding i would even say that it was better than the anime graphics at least at the first season of :re, Ishida's art is just unbelievable beautiful.

The strong part of this manga is their characters and the development that happens. Almost every single character gets his own "screentime" with his own background past story(which a lot of times included fights and confrotations with other characters in the show), which builds such a heavy tension if i could say on these characters. It feels like the author makes you feel the same for every character in this show as everyone has his own tragic story, so even when the worst character dies and his past gets revealed we could all feel something for him. The strongest character development is obviously on the main protagonist of the show Kaneki Ken himself, and outstanding development from the first manga up to this one.

I feel like this is a modern classic at this point, it has been on the top 5 best selling mangas for a while and there is a reason behind it. It is because the manga is so full of character building and action that you never get bored, even if a chapter will be short, or will only have discussion, it will still keep your interest to see what is going to happen next. Especially from like 140 chapter to the end the tension was so big that waiting a week for a new chapter was almost like a tortute haha. I would only give a 9 to the first arc of the manga as it is building up the universe almost from start again, until the old cast gets in to it as well and everyones' fate collapses.


It was honestly an amazing ride, for me i really hoped for a third part, as I thought the author Mr Ishida Sui would go for a trilogy but unfortunately he decided to close the story there, but that was definitely fine because the finale is actually satisfying and closed up every hole that he has left open, so I don't think a lot of people will get disappointed from this manga, but obviously there will be a lot of haters.

For me just don't read any negative review but you don't have to believe every positive as well, if you want to find out if the manga is eventually good or not you should give it a chance and I can assure you that if you liked the first one just be a bit patient with this one as after a couple of arcs it shows its greatness.