Tokyo Ghoul:re
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Tokyo Ghoul:re

Alternative Titles

English: Tokyo Ghoul:re
Synonyms: Tokyo Kushu:re, Toukyou Kuushu:re, Tokyo Ghoul: "Joker"
Japanese: 東京喰種-トーキョーグール-:re


Type: Manga
Volumes: 16
Chapters: 181
Status: Finished
Published: Oct 16, 2014 to Jul 5, 2018
Genres: ActionAction, MysteryMystery, DramaDrama, HorrorHorror, SupernaturalSupernatural, PsychologicalPsychological, SeinenSeinen
Authors: Ishida, Sui (Story & Art)
Serialization: Young Jump


Score: 8.301 (scored by 7220472,204 users)
1 indicates a weighted score.
Ranked: #2702
2 based on the top manga page. Please note that 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #15
Members: 150,609
Favorites: 14,338


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Jul 5, 2018
Battler- (All reviews)
A sequel to any series is tricky, and especially for a successful series, there is a burden of expectations that needs to be fulfilled. Despite its flaws, the original manga Tokyo ghoul delivered some interesting ideas and concepts by drawing the conflict between humans and ghouls, and thereafter promised answers to the loose ends in its sequel. Did it succeed, or at least, was able to keep the quality of its prequel? Sadly the answer is no, even though it looked like the first half of the manga is heading towards a specific direction.

Some spoilers ahead for the following review, mostly from the prequel and read more
Jul 5, 2018
Kanashi335 (All reviews)
"If lets say, you were to write a story with me as the main character, it would certainly be a tragedy" What an amazing ride this manga has been for the last seven years from the first one to the sequel. In this review i will try to cover only the sequel.

Story: 9
I feel like the story is not the strongest part of what makes the manga that much enjoyable but is the characters and their development as well, but after a certain point of this manga we finally saw what the true purpose of this story is about, as we saw what characters were read more
Jul 5, 2018
SeidouTZ (All reviews)
"Long time ago there was a man to which was given wings by his father in order to flee from their exile, warned however that he should never fly too close to the sun with them since such would result in the wings melting and ultimatly his dead. Despite the warning, drived by greed and feeling of empowerment he flew higher and higher wich was ultimalty his downfall.

The man name in greek mythology is Icarus; and in mordern time this tale can be applied to the author Ishida Sui whos wings represent his fallen series Tokyo Ghoul."

Before diving into the Tokyo Ghoul:Re manga, wich for read more
Apr 19, 2015
connorwain (All reviews)
Alright, so I read the whole manga after watching the anime and I LOVED IT. I start reading the first couple of chapters and to be honest, I had to adjust to it. I read the first chapters a couple of times to realize what's going on. After I had finally got what was going on, I now loved the story. Its great that this is around 2 years after the Anteiku Raid. So many questions still unanswered since that latest chapter was 25. This follows Haise Sasaki (who looks almost exactly like Kaneki), a CCG investigator and the supervisor of the newly formed Quinx read more
May 21, 2015
deadaccount33 (All reviews)
Tokyo Ghoul is one of the more prominent figures in the Anime/Manga industry as of late. With the two anime shows showing in the last year, and the original story ending late last year. Tokyo Ghoul:re is the second manga by the author, Sui Ishida, and the continuation of the story which takes place a few years after the first. It is full of everything the first manga series brought to the table. The author certainly has not lost an edge in the years.

Story: 8/10.

The original story was an absolute masterpiece. Everything tying together, with certain what if moments and twists sprawled out throughout every read more
Jul 5, 2018
Pretenseboy (All reviews)
So it has finally ended, what a ride it has been. This review will contain minor spoilers but will not refer to any specifics.

In the later half of the original Tokyo Ghoul, Ishida had begun to explore the maddening, fracturing psyche of Ken Kaneki. Tokyo Ghoul:Re is the natural continuation of this exploration and delivers an extremely satisfying resolution about halfway in.

However, things deteriorate after this. The second half of the Manga is sadly lacking in my opinion, delving into a long, uninteresting and poorly plotted arc (with a few standout sequences) which ultimately only leads to a sort of doubling down on the read more
May 10, 2015
Neonekoe (All reviews)
Tokyo ghoul: re is the official sequel to the well claimed and popular Tokyo ghoul, & well after that ending that blew our minds with chapter 143, we were left with a great cliffhanger, gladly the sequel continues the series just after a short period of time.
So yeah, Spoiler alert! if you didn't finish TG yet!
So now we're introduced to Haise Sasaki, a rank 1 ghoul investigator, that is a half-ghoul & his squad the Quinx that consist of other half-ghouls, whom are: Tooru Mutsuki, Kuki Urie, Ginshi Shirazu & Saiko Yonebayashi. well, this quinx squad was formed to make a ghoul investigator that could read more
Jul 2, 2018
Danae (All reviews)
A wise man said ''it’s better to burn out than to fade away’’, and this is exactly what sprang to mind throughout this sequel, especially during the last few arcs.

:Re is the continuation of TG, a prequel that offered an intense journey, delving deep in the characters’ psyche. Kaneki, Shuu, Touka, Suzuya, Amon-- they all got a fair share of character development, making the audience care about them, their backstory and struggles. Since the ending of the prequel, :re’s task was to wrap up all the loose ends and offer another side to the story, the CCG’s, ultimately ending in a non tragic way.

While read more
Feb 22, 2016
physicschild (All reviews)

Like many people, I discovered Tokyo Ghoul after the Studio Pierrot’s adaptation. I had fallen in love with the series and started to read the manga. I’m glad I did so.

After the baffling conclusion which our main character gets "killed", we are presented 3 months later to a sequel. The premise was simple. The story would take place 3 years after the Anteiku raid.

The beginning of the manga could be a little bit out of place for old fans. The slow pacing, the environment and the new personality of our mc read more
May 27, 2017
Streecer (All reviews)
This is an absolute slog of a manga to read. Toyko Ghoul:re tosses out every major character that we grew to know over the previous story and complicates things with another dash of vague narrative and some very off-model characters.

We're introduced to a new cast of characters, including Ken, who is now working with the ghoul hunters in a specially created squad. What then follows is 32 (up to where I got) chapters of boring filler, with Ken playing Scooby-Doo with various ghoul characters. The new cast members are not fleshed out enough to carry this story any further than the initial premise. If anything read more
Jan 5, 2016
SpiralOfErebos (All reviews)
EDIT 7/19/18: Imagine giving another chance to a series that already self destructed just because so much time was invested. The result? A tremendous loss. Yeah, I'll take this L because I was hoping that Tokyo Ghoul REEEEE would be anything but droll, but it consistently let me down and it got to the point where a chapter of porn was the highlight of the entire sequel. The characters continue to display unlikable traits, poor interactions, and just god awful dialogue. Accompany it with unclear art direction and you got Tokyo Ghoul REEEEE. The rushed ending was a secretly a blessing because readers just couldn't read more
Jul 3, 2018
KayB (All reviews)
The original Tokyo Ghoul is, by quite a few metrics, your standard action manga. What made it particularly unique however is that it did a fantastic job humanizing the conflict it presented. Writers that tackle this theme have this tendency of making one side of the conflict comically evil while the hero’s side unbearably good. Ishida did his best to avoid this cliché entirely by making the two groups, humans and ghouls, quite literally natural enemies of each other, while also implementing a main character that was forced to represent both. Not only was this dynamic interesting, Ishida also applied the finishing touches to this read more
Nov 11, 2017
SliusarekI (All reviews)
This is probably the one and only time I give something 1 and I don't regret it.

Tokyo Ghoul: Re is a perfect example of a disrespectful cash-grab. Reading Re, I felt like all my humble memories were raped, no kidding. I read only 50 chapters, because I couldn't handle it anymore.

I actually wanted to praise the author for taking such a bold move and not focusing too much on the original's events and trying to tell some new story. I thought we'd spend about 20-30 chapters with CCG and then Kaneki would return to his senses. Nope. I'm at chapter 50 and everything is read more
Jun 18, 2016
BattleHammer (All reviews)
Money is good. Money is great! Tokyo Ghoul :re is the proof of it. The proof that popularity makes the manga most of the time. Ishida Sui (the author) sold his soul to the money devil, and along with it went Tokyo Ghoul, RIP. Not that I blame him, I mean, he must definitely be wiping his tears in money right now.

Disappointing, disappointing, disappointing. That describes Tokyo Ghoul:re.
I am someone that began reading the original back in the beginning. So we have definitely come a long way. And I can say proudly that Tokyo Ghoul, the original is a masterpiece. Amazing. Fantastic. *Insert similar adjective*. read more
Jan 8, 2016
etione (All reviews)
(a quick outpouring of my myriad feelings after thinking about the most recent chapters of RE. aka don't expect quality)

Ishida Sui is a genius. His story is sprawling, with twists and turns and foreshadowing in every corner.
Small, maybe insignificant details you may have written off on a first read through carries new meaning afterwards. For example, a reveal in a relatively recent chapter (~mid 50s) will ensure that I will never be able to read any part of the original, beginning to end, the same way ever again. This reveal was foreshadowed everywhere, from Kaneki Ken's psychological mindset, to indications in the art, in his read more
Jul 3, 2018
bluecoke_ (All reviews)
Story: 8 (highest highs were way higher than lowest lows imo)
Art: 8 (fighting scenes can be hard to understand sometimes but it's still so beautiful)
Character: 9 (-1 because of the way some character arcs ended)
Enjoyment: 9 (-1 'cause final arc..)

Overall: 8.5 (bumped to 9 because of extreme character attachment)

I’m not really good at writing reviews but I thought I’d write one for Tokyo Ghoul:re, a manga that has always been one of my top favourites since I started reading manga.

If you can't be bothered to read through this review, my conclusion is that despite its flaws, TG:re more than deserves a try if you're up read more
Dec 4, 2015
FunkyNano (All reviews)
From the get go, Tokyo Ghoul :re set itself up to have a mixed response-with its time skip, amnesiac protagonist, and how it seemingly forgot 90% of its cast and replaced them with a plethora of new characters with wacky designs and sudden significance to an ongoing story where before they hadn't even been mentioned. These factors, along with a major change in art style understandably lead to some fans of the original manga feeling disinterested, or at least intimidated; however with more than 70 chapters under the sequels belt, I'd have to say I'm particularly impressed with a vast number of aspects the sequel read more
Aug 20, 2018
hamliet (All reviews)
Through around chapter 60, TG:re is a solid 10 in every single aspect. It's beautiful with great characters and expands the world of Tokyo Ghoul while still keeping us tied to the themes and characters introduced in the first part. It's a masterpiece.

However, post chapter 60, little cracks start to show, and the issues in storytelling explode in the final arc, causing the story to cave in on itself. The main theme is truncated. The story relies on build up towards a thematic ending; however, all the build up goes nowhere in a clumsy rush towards an unsatisfying finish. Essentially, TG:re could be used read more
Nov 18, 2015
kktheman1 (All reviews)
This review is based on what I've read in the 53 chapters that are out so far so everything should be taken within context,

Art: The art is decent. It definitely saw some improvement from the original series. it's difficult to understand sometimes but after reading it some time it becomes tolerable. Ishida picks his spots on where to show off his skills and you can tell in certain chapters. Not expecting quality like One Punch Man type because thats crazy to ask for but it's quite obvious Ishida picks his spots. 7/10

Story: I was quite skeptical about Tokyo Ghoul Re. In fact I held read more
Dec 18, 2017
GHhost (All reviews)
Ishida's predictions of a tragic end drove him into a corner.He's trying way too hard to create a tragic story,but at the same time he doesn't want to end his work so he can continue to grab cash.He keeps characters alive after near death situation(he even is bringing back from life the ones that we thought were dead for almost 200 chapters).His writing has improved(maybe that's just my impression),but the plot of his story is as weak as it can get,but i believe that he can suprise me and get the plot even weaker.The only tragic thing that will come with this manga it's your read more