Jul 4, 2018
INFERNAL_FURY (All reviews)
Highschool DxD's 4th Season ended with a promo for the next season? Well! Only time will tell that possibility!

Now... for my review.

Art: 9/10
Most of the fans really liked the previous art where the TNK is the one who made that! I also liked that art style of TNK but there is some flaws of it. Like the animation for the fights in the previous seasons, Some of those fight scenes were like a GIF or something like those old anime fight scenes. The thing that I like in TNK's were the character design, They are absolutely stunning!

Now for the Passione, since they are the one who are doing this fourth season, I know there are some of you who has a struggle getting used to the art style but try looking at the bright side of it.

I will tell you the some good sides of this change:
Character Design: They're using the current character design of the Light Novel. They are really cute for me! Getting used to it will take some time but I assure you they have the reason for this change.

Animation: The animation for this season is top notch compared to the previous ones, Just compare the fight scenes of this one to the previous one, Look how amazing the animation of this season! Also the Ecchi scenes are so fluid this time! Stiffness of the Previous is now gone.
Old is "Gold" but evolution will not take place without "Change".

Character: 8/10
I know the focus of this series is Issei but did you notice that some of the characters in the shadow in the previous seasons is now on the spotlight! The relationships of this season will shock you and also a stepping stone for our harem king?! Maybe? That's for you to find out!

Sound: 10/10
I have simple reason for this. The sound and OST were the same of the Previous Seasons with some new ones but to hear the classics again is priceless! Also, The Opening were catchy and I fell in love in the Ending Song.

Story: 9/10
I love how they pour some of their budget just to retcon the abomination of Season 3, Really... You will never see an Animation Studio like that everyday, An Animation Studio that will make an EFFORT to make other studio's mistake straight again. So... I would like to rate Passione's EFFORT 10/10!

Now, They are following the Vol. 9&10 of the LN but some of the abomination of S3 is making an effect this season so some things will also a little bit confusing for those anime-only. That's why I rate the story 9/10.

Enjoyment: 9/10
The humor of this anime will be the same for me even though they changed the studio, nothing beats the humor it gives for me! It maybe sounded a little bit biased on my side but that's how I felt while watching this season. so I'm being honest here. :)

Overall: 9/10
I've watched countless Action/Ecchi/Harem/Romance animes out there but this one is one of the best for me! The girls of this series were just perfect, Hyoudou Issei is like a dense type MC of a Harem series but he has reasons for it, Unlike those other MCs that are so dense af out of nowhere. High School DxD is the type of an Ecchi/Harem series that has both "Plot" and Plot.

That's my review for this season! If you are planning to watch this series then go for it! I highly recommended this anime!