Jan 3, 2018
Hiroto124 (All reviews)
Machiavellianism is an anime that everyone saw like billion times in their lifetime, or is it?

When I first saw the title and the concept art, I cannot help but feel repelled, as many mediocre shows immediately got in my mind, and I thought I had better things to do (like preparing my exams). But then recently, a guy called LexBurner made a video on this anime and portrayed it as more of an interesting attempt of following Kill la Kill (which I haven't watched, but will eventually after my exams). This pepped my interest, and with Lex's description, I've decided to give it a go.

Holy **** this is enjoyable.

First of all, aside from the mc, everyone is in some way as generic as it gets. You can tell by their designs which type of characters they are. The fun thing is that, at least in my opinion, the fact that they don't even hide it and use that trait exclusively makes it so much more fun to watch than those anime who try to pretend that their characters aren't generic. The mc, on the other hand, although not the most interesting character ever (I would attribute that to Okabe Rintarou), is entertaining to watch.

Overall for the character, a solid 7

Regarding the story, nothing happened aside from setting the scenes and characters in the first season through individual arcs. What I would say is that they are sometimes hilarious and in most cases not offensively stupid (not that it does not happen, don't get me wrong)

Mediocre 5.5 (rounded up to 6, I'm not that picky)

Art and music:

Subjective feelings, don't have anything to comment on

For the enjoyment, WTF is this enjoyable. The most obvious element to this high score is our MC, his reactions to stuff happening around are genuinely interesting, which could be best shown through how he held back not touching the boobs even though his face shows that he obviously wants to. Another aspect is how the show will throw you off guard by going out of their way to do some stupidly hilarious yet not offensive stuff.

For those who want serious plots, characters and themes like Steins;Gate, you're at the wrong place. For those who want to have a laugh to relieve stress, this might be what you want (as comedy is subjective)

Overall a strong 7/10