Nov 25, 2017
Mythicism (All reviews)
Story wise, there is one main story, subdivided into arcs (seasons), subdivided into events. Events can be 1 episode or a couple.
With some anime you feel like wanting to skip to the end of the story just to know how it finishes, however, Shokugeki no Souma keeps me fixated to the screen the entire time. When the episode is finished, I am thinking 'already finished?' that was like 5 minutes max'. It just sucks you in.

I personally like cooking, but this anime is so much more than that. It is like Hyaku (I expect) or Diamond no Ace. The story is about a subject, but subplots and characters make it great. Also the side-characters add to the plot and are not just annoying.

The sound, the art and everything else support each other resulting in a great anime.