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Apr 2, 2018
Initially 3-gatsu no lion first season seems to be about shogi. However, 3-gatsu is a pure slice of life anime, where the main character happens to be a shogi player.

It is very versatile anime that covers a broad range of topics. As such it offers the viewer a warm fuzzy feeling, sadness, frustration or a mix. But it generally gives off a good vibe.
The topics are well crafted, detailed and include interesting views. The topics are well interwoven with the main story line and even tough some topics can be heavy it does not refrain from highlighting positive events.

In conclusion, 3-gatsu no lion read more
Mar 27, 2018
At the time of review I have just finished episode 11.
In all honesty when I started watching this series thought it was pretty mediocre (at best). Fuelled by its popularity and high ratings I kept watching even though I was about to drop it and I am glad I kept watching.
As I do not want to spoil things I will keep my comments abstract. Around half way things become more and interesting, personal perhaps and episode 11 even left me heartstruck.
In conclusion, if slice of life + drama works for you then I would very much advice to (keep) watching.
Nov 25, 2017
Story wise, there is one main story, subdivided into arcs (seasons), subdivided into events. Events can be 1 episode or a couple.
With some anime you feel like wanting to skip to the end of the story just to know how it finishes, however, Shokugeki no Souma keeps me fixated to the screen the entire time. When the episode is finished, I am thinking 'already finished?' that was like 5 minutes max'. It just sucks you in.

I personally like cooking, but this anime is so much more than that. It i like Hyaku (I expect) or Diamond no Ace. The story is about a subject, read more
May 24, 2014
Uchoten Kazoku is a good anime that is worth a watch. It uses the unique setting of the existence of tanuki, humans and tengu to present its view upon the world. At first I thought, doesn't look very good, where is this going, what the heck. But after I had seen the first 3-4 episodes, I was thinking hmm this is actually quite nice. And it was quite nice, aside from the slow start in which it sketches the unique setting (including characters), all episodes are really enjoyable. Sometimes there is a short arc, other times it could be seen as stand alone, but actually read more