Sep 23, 2017
Polkadottedsky (All reviews)
If there's one thing I'm grateful, it's that the game got adapted into the anime. I've literally enjoyed this series a lot, and now let's get on with it.

Story: 7
I would say that the theme is basic, preventing time traveling alternating the history in terms of major events. Simple, right?, right. I gave this a 7 because of the characters influencing the plot throughout the series, and their "background". Sadly not a lot was the other characters got covered but that's somewhat expected for a 1 cour series if you ask me.

Art: 9
Honestly, usually for any series, I'd give a 7 in terms of animations and whatnot because it's decent and I sure as hell can't draw. This time, however, Katsugeki Touken Ranbu was crisp and sharp, heck, frame-by-frame was good too. And the characters' art was very pretty, along with smooth animation throughout the entire time [I know what some of you are thinking about with the animation part especially "ufotable", lol].

Sound: 9
Sound? OST? Oh yes, definitely. I think the soundtracks were really suitable to the series, especially the "strings" and the flute part, befitting for a historical series. The action soundtracks were pretty awesome, fast paced and heavy. [Kept replaying the entire OST, lol] Also the ending song was pretty great done by Kalafina.

Character: 7
Although there's quite the characters that appears in the series, the main focus is our Second Unit for the entire time.
As briefly mentioned, only a couple of selected characters' 'past' were covered, but regardless, they stuck to what the story was focused on, which I really thought was a good thing. You could see some of the characters kind of developing (second unit) in the series, or at least towards the ending, somewhat. These pretty much got my 7.

Enjoyment: 9
Personal enjoyment is definitely a 9 for me, I haven't played the game yet I kept seeing a lot of the gorgeous characters fanart without knowing anything, so I was always irked. I want to clarify it, the game is still somewhat targeted for the female fanbase so yes, there's some personal attachment to this series.
As with this factor, being able to watch the anime during the entire time and getting to see the characters and their tidbits made me happy, I felt a bit closer to the franchise(?) now instead of not knowing anything before.

Overall: 7
I think it's a series that's good for anyone to start, with or without playing the game. Now unfortunately, although a lot of the factors were pretty great, I do think the plot lowered it down slightly. But hey, it's still a decent series to watch if you ask me.