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Oct 8, 2018
I started this anime because of it's relation to Osomatsu-san anime, I think you guys can understand by what I mean here. Also, surprisingly I enjoyed it because of the various guests that I recognized. That and the casting (popular actors) that's involved.
However let's cut to the chase here. This anime was a 4/10, maybe at best 5/10 in overall. With such minimum enjoyment, it's something I wouldn't re-watch or recommend at all.

Story - 5.
Being slightly misled by the first episode but that was probably to built some extra atmosphere for the rest. It doesn't keep the same expectation afterwards. Obviously there's really no read more
May 4, 2018
This is based on my assumptions.
Initially, I was expecting to be a longer series but not a 6 piece. If you take a look, Both DA and DA02 had 50+ episodes while this is halved.
My biggest issue is that, they rather limit to a 6 piece movie so everything will rush itself at first, and then bait you with a possible installment due to the open end, it's very unorganized.
Imagine if being an actual continuation from the open end, it would likely be worse as everything was thrown out into the first 6 already.

Perhaps if Toei had given the series much more time read more
Sep 29, 2017
Here's what I thought for the 5th installment, I liked it. A lot. Why? Let's get started. And bring on the final part already.

Story: 7
Now some parts of this movie was a bit of a roundabout and redundant, but at least this time we don't have any face rape. I advise, some scenes might be a bit confusing like the recurring digimons, I believe recaps might be necessary. I actually had to rattle my brain a bit to remember some stuff from previous movies as a result. [6.5, if I could for the actual story]

What I really adored was some of the most read more
Sep 27, 2017
Alright time to cut to the chase, first off, this is an otome anime based on the game. If you've have any prejudice towards the targeted demographic then this might not be suitable for you.

Secondly, now don't get me wrong, I watched this without playing the game first. It's definitely watchable alone as a standalone for anyone but it's better to play the game (visual novel). However, it would do you just to know that it's based on historical figures.

Story: 7
So far, this is pretty much a comedy-standalone story per episode. It covers the daily silly things that takes place there, so if read more
Sep 23, 2017
If there's one thing I'm grateful, it's that the game got adapted into the anime. I've literally enjoyed this series a lot, and now let's get on with it.

Story: 7
I would say that the theme is basic, preventing time traveling alternating the history in terms of major events. Simple, right?, right. I gave this a 7 because of the characters influencing the plot throughout the series, and their "background". Sadly not a lot was the other characters got covered but that's somewhat expected for a 1 cour series if you ask me.

Art: 9
Honestly, usually for any series, I'd give a 7 in terms of read more
Jun 25, 2017
If you've watched the first season, then there's only one thing I have to say, it's that personally it's even better than the first season. Like the prequel, it's very soft and fun yet also very dark, in another sort of sense when you watch it in contrast to the softness.

Story, I give this a solid 10 for how they managed the entire series.
It concludes a lot of missing points from the first season such as the relationships that went on a cliff hanger. With this, everything was wrapped up nicely in overall and there's even more characters brought out without tearing itself read more
Feb 25, 2017
So here we go...after a long await that is.

Story, since this continues off from the previous movies, I'm basing this off as a "per movie" ideal instead. I've enjoyed how Sora and Piyomon's relation came out in the end so I'd say this bit would be at least an 8 or 8.5, however there was quite the confusion and errors unfortunately making it at least a 6. Especially how Salamon can land a stun (lol). Also there was one moment with Sora with Gennai that made me laugh tremendously but that wasn't entirely necessary at all sadly. So I want to say, story wise, 7 read more
Dec 21, 2016
I'm sure there's all sorts of reviews already, so I'm starting with the Overall first. With the entire 12 episodes, there was a bit of strong fanservice, or at least, strong bromance as I want to redefine. So to say, I believe the plot and the animation along with soundtracks balanced out that if you ask me, with the addition of the general humor. I'd definitely recommend this to males as well for those reasons despite the 'bromance' involved. And small reminder, it's not any lesbian theme if that's what you're expecting from because of the title, 'Yuri' on Ice, since Yuri is also an read more
Sep 11, 2016
I'm a bit lazy so I'm also doing this on behalf of the animated movie into this review, I know that's probably a bad idea or a wrong style but laziness. This was also the start of my admiration of Tomoaki Maeno when I had no idea who he was, the voice actor of our Doujou.

Story, I don't even remember or know how I gave this a try but I do remember the fact that this wasn't my usual style, especially with army/military theme or cliche. I was able to broaden up my taste of theme even more. Book burning, restriction, censoring, librarians defending back, read more
Sep 8, 2016
Shirokuma Cafe, it's been a while since I've finished it but here I go. With some personal motives into trying this out, the obvious factor was the seiyuus, especially Shirokuma himself (Takahiro Sakurai), and the rest of the characters. But setting that aside, I actually enjoyed it a lot.

Story, it's a slice of life, with an animal factor twist. Animals and humans live in harmony in this case. It's pretty much realistic as it can get with reality minus the harmony factor which does entertain me. And a lot of easy going jokes, life jokes, not any kinky or dirty jokes but just soft read more