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Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu

Alternative Titles

English: Katsugeki Touken Ranbu
Japanese: 活撃/刀剣乱舞


Type: TV
Episodes: 13
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Jul 2, 2017 to Sep 24, 2017
Premiered: Summer 2017
Broadcast: Sundays at 00:30 (JST)
Licensors: Aniplex of America
Studios: ufotable
Source: Card game
Duration: 23 min. per ep.
Rating: PG-13 - Teens 13 or older


Score: 6.791 (scored by 17,939 users)
1 indicates a weighted score. Please note that 'Not yet aired' titles are excluded.
Ranked: #45782
2 based on the top anime page. Please note that 'Not yet aired' and 'R18+' titles are excluded.
Popularity: #1239
Members: 80,563
Favorites: 342


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Sep 24, 2017
PaladinAlchemist (All reviews)
I have issues with Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu. I honestly have no idea how UFO Table managed to take such a fantastic premise partnered with stunning animation and make it so incredibly dry.

This is my first (and probably last) experience with the Touken Ranbu franchise. I have never played the game, nor seen the other anime adaption.

It didn’t take long to get the gist of it. The two dudes with unique designs were fighting baddies to prevent history from changing. Later on, you learn what time period they’re in and that they aren’t human, but famous weapons. And . . . that’s it.

Why are the read more
Jul 31, 2017
sTeVe- (All reviews)
Well i don't really know what to say about this Anime, it has been a mixture of feelings and thoughts.

At this moment I can say that I'm not really enjoying the series, the graphic style is not totally to my liking and what I'm not really enjoying at the moment is the anime sound content I find it quite monotonous.

In some moments the story is spectacular but some times the story gets a bit confusing.

So we just need to keep whatching and w8 till the next episode.

At the end of this season i will edit this review with more details.
Jul 27, 2017
ariko9 (All reviews)
Note: While it's definitely not a ✧spectacular✧ anime, I definitely wouldn't say that it's horrible. For a game adaption, it's actually quite good. The game itself has little story, more or less just grinding to kill the Time Retrograde Army's monsters, so the anime added an interesting backdrop to the game. To really enjoy the anime (and be less confused), it would really help to know the game. However, even if you don't play the game, it can still be an enjoyable watch. It's also almost too early in the season to judge the anime (only 4 eps released when this was written), so I read more
Sep 27, 2017
Anetheia (All reviews)
I choose to watch this anime on a whim and wasn't disappointed. . At the beginning it was difficult to understand at times because it is based on a game, so the viewer is expected to have previous knowledge of the mechanics of this world. I pieced it together myself, but otherwise I recommend finding a quick summary of this universe, because it can be complicated.

Story: 7/10
The story itself was pretty good. The concept for the anime was different, and though I had read it was similar to drifters and was intrigued, it was different enough to be interesting. For the first few episodes I read more
Sep 23, 2017
Polkadottedsky (All reviews)
If there's one thing I'm grateful, it's that the game got adapted into the anime. I've literally enjoyed this series a lot, and now let's get on with it.

Story: 7
I would say that the theme is basic, preventing time traveling alternating the history in terms of major events. Simple, right?, right. I gave this a 7 because of the characters influencing the plot throughout the series, and their "background". Sadly not a lot was the other characters got covered but that's somewhat expected for a 1 cour series if you ask me.

Art: 9
Honestly, usually for any series, I'd give a 7 in terms of read more
Sep 24, 2017
riorangel21 (All reviews)
Recently, Ufotable's production is just not that great, having these very poor/one sided characters and somewhat very linear story making some of their modern shows very predictable. It's just the same for Katsugeki/ Touken Ranbu. I'd rather say that this show was produced just to advertise the original game. I don't blame ufotable that much on this one because they really can't control the content by themselves but I do think the studio can do better than this. Ever since Unlimited Blade Works was produced, ufotable's overall direction went downhill. Tho I highly praised them with their stellar visuals but it's not the same read more
Aug 10, 2017
Dr_Sephiroth (All reviews)
For a lot of anime viewers, the name Ufotable conjures up high expectations of quality. With works such as Fate/Zero and Kara no Kyoukai under their belt, it would be difficult not to blindly trust the studio to deliver masterpiece after masterpiece, especially considering how little they release compared to other studios . While many seasoned viewers have already learned this lesson, Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu is the show that really helped me understand that you shouldn’t buy into the hype and excitement simply because of a big name, as even legendary studios can deliver a clunker or two.

For what it’s worth, Ufotable fulfilled their end of read more
Oct 14, 2017
ari-e-s (All reviews)
The infamous Ufotable strikes again, - to ruin another one of my favorite game franchises. This time, Touken Ranbu.

To give a slight synopsis, Touken Ranbu is an internet browser card-game that's centered around collecting and leveling historical anthromorphopized Japanese swords.

Let's begin now.

Ufotable ruined what could've been an amazing adaptation of a game that has little, to no plot. All that is known with this given game is its historical swords, and basic character personalities (that were given a basis by Hanamaru).


Most of the characters were out-of-character, especially Kane-san. He was troped as a typical shounen protagonist, and lacked his own goofy personality.
Although I'm aware read more
Jan 7, 2018
Unyil (All reviews)
When I saw this anime at first, I didn't really think that I'm gonna like it, since it seems that my fav characters from Touranbu won't be there, but after I watched some episodes, it felt like, I can take a liking to these characters since they unfold the characters' feeling really well in here.
Compared to Hanamaru, this one's is really deep in story and feeling (oh, I do love Hanamaru btw).. And their fighting scene is so cool and pretty! Not only the fighting scene, but every scene is portrayed beautifully and so detailed.. I cried in some episodes.. Their final battle was superb! read more
Oct 1, 2017
DemonKingRavan (All reviews)

Blurb: Katanagatari meets Fate/Stay Night.

The concept of weapons (especially swords) being presented as sentient beings/characters is hardly the re-invention of the wheel. Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu borrows elements from several Fantasy/Action shows and brings them together in a stunning and beautiful tapestry which only UFOtable can do.

In terms of story, there's nothing too complicated. Neither are the personalities of the various swords that have been summoned in Human form. You have your typical mixture of goofy, serious, innocent, broody, hot-heads & philosophers who at various times during the show bring up the age old question of ends justifying the means.

Some moments and episodes read more
Sep 9, 2017
seanm826 (All reviews)
I have very mixed feelings about this show. What started off strong as a feudal era samurai show with stuff from the future kind of like drifters basically just collapsed in on itself, I can't even bring myself to care enough to follow the plot anymore and am probably just going to end up dropping it. The show starts with some very nice artwork but it lacks basically anything else.

The cast is painfully generic, there are way too many people and not enough actual character development. People get killed or injured or replaced in a lot of the episodes, and the villains are faceless armies read more
Aug 19, 2017
franciu (All reviews)
There are anime you can watch without knowing anything about them beforehand and there are others anime that, sadly, need you to do some more effort before you can actually enjoy them to the fullest. As crazy as that sounds, katsugeki touken ranbu is part of the latest group of anime. Theres no other way to put it: you need to read about the game or at least some summaries about what touken ranbu is before you can watch this series. Otherwise you'll find yourself confused about the swords, their purpose and everything that is going on in the episodes, tho not very much happened read more
Apr 13, 2018
rachachan (All reviews)
Story (3/10):

For me, the story didn't capture my attention at all. I gave it the good "watch the first 4 episodes" test and could barely make it through the 4th one. I know that the origin of this adaptation is from a game, but in my experience, most game to anime adaptations aren't that successful and interesting. I guess it's pretty hard to write an adaptation on something that's supposed to interact with viewers in a different way.

Art (9/10):
Unfortunately, the art style for this series is beautiful. I love the coloring, the style, the animation, and just everything about the art. It made me really read more
Apr 8, 2018
Castinate (All reviews)



PLOT: 8/10

If you have the ability to turn back the time, will you make the wrong decisions right? Will you change and alter the future that awaits you? If you have the power to change every mistakes you've made, every person that perish right in front of your eyes, will you just stand and do nothing? This anime focuses on the history of their country, their hero, the people who fight for it, and the importance of their sword and being a warrior in their life. I love this kind of genre. The history is too interesting. read more
Dec 16, 2017
JackYagami (All reviews)
There are benefits on watching a show without knowing the source material: you don't create expectation.

I was interested on this anime because the amazing artwork, especially Tsurumaru and Mikazuki. I know nothing of the game, the mechanics, the enemies, or anything else: to me there is only cool looking samurais fighting evil looking enemies (and lots of fujoshi artwork)

Somehow my desire to see a character I personally find amazing, made me break the Three Episode Rule and when he finally appearead I just... continued watching the show with a blank expression on my face.

This anime is a redundant (pretty looking) shallowness.

Also... I know from the read more
Oct 13, 2017
Yasaal (All reviews)
From the studio that animated the ultra-popular Fate series, Ufotable brings in another great anime, Katsugeki Touken Ranbu. Quite the underrated anime, it's got many good things going for it and is absolutely worth a try despite the unfortunate unfair low ratings.

Story: 7/10

Although a great story, it feels quite rushed. I'll start with the positives, it clearly explains itself at first of what situations the characters are going through until the midpoint. The plot progresses a bit fast from what I'm accustomed to and felt too fast especially towards the end. Sadly 13 episodes weren't enough as it felt things were confusing at times, if read more
Sep 23, 2017
BlackCicero (All reviews)
Katsugeki/Touken Ranbu is an action anime set in 19th century Japan for the most part. I thought the show was alright but it definitely could have been better.
The story was mediocre in my opinion. It was bland in the beginning up until a point near the halfway point of the series where it then had a 2-3 episode run of great episodes after which it then returned to a bland state.
The art on the other hand, was outstanding as one can expect from studio ufotable. The animation for the action sequences were also very good. The soundtrack was nicely done and the sound design on read more
Aug 27, 2017
nekoma (All reviews)
Now if you're just perusing through, trying to see if this anime is worth a watch but is a little bit turned off by the overall score it has received (so far) then I would say that you're better off watching something else.

Sounds harsh but here's the thing, if you're like me and is part of the "I know the background story of the characters and overall plot line because I actually play the game" group then watching these sword boys in ufotable action (they've done a spectacular job so far with this series despite the general consensus of quality drop with the Fate read more