Aug 1, 2017
king_pineapple (All reviews)
A friend of mine saw me watching New Game!! and smugged: "Dude, you sure don't know how a real game-developing workshop looks like." Right. It's not real. This is just some altered reality where designers sparkle with flower patterns, ADs go around smile and talk gently, and coders simply blush over a fatal bug. But who cares if it's not real? Or even, isn't it because of that unrealisticness that we are able to enjoy it so much?

- The art cured my internal cancer.
- Lovely style of comedy.
- A rare case of a "cute-girls-doing-cute-things" slice-of-life anime with actual character developments.
- Talented, pure and hard-working characters. Make you admire them and adore them at the same time.
- Soundtracks provide good ambience-feeling. Mostly cheerful. The OP/ED is nice, too.
- They actually put in some tension this season. Not too dramatic, but enough for you to understand how hard it is to make videogames, while still having you enjoy the show as a cute slice-of-life one.
- Yuri hints. Yuri hints everywhere. Yuri banzai!!

- Sometimes it feels awkward with the cuteness-overload high-pitched voices.
- Ok, this is personal, but I don't like Umiko's voice.

I think if you can stop being serious and put reality aside, then everyone, from a guy who has no idea how videogames are made to a coding wizard with pitch-black undereye circles, can have this anime put a stress-relieving smile on your face.