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Oct 31, 2017
There's only one thing on my mind after I've had finished watching both seasons of Mitsudomoe:


Right? If humanity could be more tolerate toward fictional 12-years-olds doing perverted things or telling dirty jokes, maybe we would have had another season by now.
I really can't recall the last time I laugh my a** off like when I watch this anime. The gags will rip out your stomach. The artwork and character reactions fits the story so well you'll laugh even watching it muted. Splendid voice acting. Brilliant read more
Oct 28, 2017
Blend S (Anime) add (All reviews)
Really, what a gem. This show has truly been doing its best out of what a cute-girls-4koma adaption could possibly do in every aspect.

Before I dig deeper, let me share some fun I found on Blend S's official website first. This thing - The Maika's Maika-lendar - has somehow become my daily motivation xD

STORY = 7/10. This is a little more than your typical cute-girls slice-of-life. It has good comedy with a touch of romance, along with interesting character motives and backstory. I especially like how they handled the comedy. We have the main girl, clueless and innocent, with her expressive vs. natural character problem. read more
Oct 24, 2017
Admit it, one of the very few good things that ever happen to adulthood is alcohol. It's basically a legal drug that gives you the power of unconditional happiness and the ability to enjoy yourself and express yourself to the fullest.
That being said, drinking (in moderation of course) is nice, yeah. But you know what's better? Watching a composed and serious office lady flip her moe-gap switch to the blushy-cuddly side as she got drunk, probably in the cutest way ever.

- Mrs. Mizusawa herself. What a lovable girl.
- And together with her husband, I think they're the cutest couple of this season.
- I'm sure read more
Aug 3, 2017
I have a method to enjoy this kind of anime. I watch them as if I'm watching Power Puff Girls (PPG is far better than this though). You know, not for the deep plot, well-developed story or gorgeous and animative battles, but simply because the cute girls are there, kyun-kyun moe-moe all over the place, unharmed.

- Many lovely unique girls playing around to please the weeb inside of you.
- Amazing cast. If you're into anime for a year or two now you'll regconize many familiar voices. Most characters are played by well-known and talented seiyuu.

- Well, shallow and boring most of the read more
Aug 1, 2017
In this anime, you'll find siblings relationship that you can actually relate to, instead of the "imouto" type of characters that go ultra-moe around their "onii-chan". And that isn't the only thing this short anime offers.

- Good comedy.
- The art and animation look fair enough for a short anime. And interesting character designs.
- Nakamura Yuichi and Amamiya Sora as two MCs. More than enough for a comedy show.

- The color scheme is kinda plain. Make it looks like it's some kind of a flash-animation.
- This thing is for fun only so there are no plot to be expected.

And here're some wisdom:
"What is more important, pride read more
Aug 1, 2017
A friend of mine saw me watching New Game!! and smugged: "Dude, you sure don't know how a real game-developing workshop looks like." Right. It's not real. This is just some altered reality where designers sparkle with flower patterns, ADs go around smile and talk gently, and coders simply blush over a fatal bug. But who cares if it's not real? Or even, isn't it because of that unrealisticness that we are able to enjoy it so much?

- The art cured my internal cancer.
- Lovely style of comedy.
- A rare case of a "cute-girls-doing-cute-things" slice-of-life anime with actual character developments.
- Talented, pure and hard-working read more
Aug 1, 2017
The "cute girls doing cute things" kind of show has taken many types of setting: a data research club in Yuyushiki, or a theatre troupe in Hinako Note, or simply just high school girls small-talking and hanging around like in Lucky Star. Well, this is one with just high school girls's daily life, too. There are culture festival, marathon event, concerns about dieting and stuff... but with a little twist. This is the world where the mere thought of human with four limbs is a fantasy. The world with everyone is a myth creature, such as centaur.

- Pretty well done and realistic setting for a read more