Jun 19, 2017
wolfwing (All reviews)
This one is a weird one to review. As I give it a 9 for enjoyment, but it's a lot of the same ways I like twilight zone, outer limits, or the good M Night Shyamalan movies, in that they have good twists, or endings.

Each episode is formulaic, there are two stories, each one introduces the person the story will follow, they bump into the laughing salesman, her offers them what they truly want, and it often goes bad, mostly through their own actions, by being too selfish, by breaking the rules, by ignoring the warnings.

What made me enjoy it is, the curiosity in how they will get their comeuppance, some b breaking the rules, others by getting what they want, but as often is in life, it isn't what they expected.

The animation and art is passable my main issue with it is, a lot of the characters start to look interchangeable, but doesn't ruin the over all feel of the show, just something I noticed.

This may not be for everyone, but if your interested in something in the light of twilight zone and such you might enjoy it.