May 17, 2017
HereticHunter (All reviews)
some people say "I love you" is the hardest word to ever say to someone... but is that really true? is it that hard to say? in my case it is hard yes, but not the hardest. have you ever thought of the word "I'm sorry"? I'm not talking of the "easy" "I'm sorry" i'm talking about the "I'm sorry" that comes from the bottom of your heart, the expression of your true feelings, being completely sorry, regretful, that word that burns inside you like hell... now, that's really REALLY hard to say.

at first I thought that this movie was just a movie about how a bully and the bullied make a relationship by forgiving each other, but in reality, this movie goes beyond that, and I feel completely relatable to what this movie had to offer, because I once felt that, that need of telling people that I did hurt "I'm sorry" the sensation of being burned alive when doing it crushes your soul, but in the end, you'll know it was totally worth it, you will feel relieved by doing so, and by watching this movie, you'll understand why. I'll try not to bully you with Spoilers, but you have been warned.

Story 10/10: if you have ever been bullied by someone, you will know how hard is to keep what you feel deep inside, developing fear, having trust issues, trying to keep yourself from people to avoid damage. it is something serious. having the will to overcome this is hard.

the plot goes around an average boy that goes to a school, he had friends, money, good reputation. but one day, a girl appears, that girl is deaf, that girl tried to be friends with her classmates, tho, she only got rejected by many, specially from that boy, he kept bullying her, to the point of damaging her, not only physically, but psychologically too. here we see a complete turn of events, pretty much Karma. yes, Karma is a bitch, and this boy ends being the bullied one. Ironic isn't it?.

After that introduction, there is the timeskip that deliver you the freaking ninjas cutting onions on your room, the amount of feels it manages to deliver is real. this movie takes your heart, and starts slicing it like you were on a heart surgery. why? well, past is a douche, he tells the future of your actions and then the present is in charge of destroying your life... all because of what? something as "simple" as bullying someone? is that easily forgotten? well is not easy, but hard.

from this point, you'll see the word regret inside your mind as the story goes around the MC, he is trying to redeem himself from what he did before, but he doesn't know the price he has to pay off, its a really big one, even if it sounds simple, it isn't. the feel of being guilty attacks, those that once trusted him, no longer does. a lot of stuff gets on his way, he is only trying to talk to that girl he once bullied, he want to become her friend... but something prevents him of doing so... what could that be? hint: it isn't the people that prevents him of doing so.

Art 10/10: you know a show is a masterpiece when it can deliver the feels with animation, is not just the fact of the topic of the movie, when it resonates with each aspect: Story, Ost, Characters, and the ninjas cutting onions on your room, I swear I could have cried if I wanted to, yet I decided to die deep inside, tho I was close to burst in tears, and I haven't done this with a single anime... and that's really saying something. that's the power of the movie being delivered into your heart with images.

Sound 10/10: Read Animation again, but exchange words related to animation to Sound and we have our deal with the sound department... ah, who am i Kidding? voice acting was GREAT, OST was GREAT, the sound of ninjas cutting onions was superb... this movie knows how to keep your heart in your hand the whole time.

Character 10/10: hate, sadness, pity, happyness, I felt each one of them on almost every character, not in a bad way of course. I also felt identified with the characters, being so relatable and knowing how they feel, is something heartbreaking, if you do, trust me, you will burst in tears, if you don't then this means you have no heart or you haven't experienced something like this... in fact, the character that would suit you is Ueno.

Enjoyment 1/10: sorry, but I couldn't keep the Ninjas cutting Onions out of my room, I really enjoyed the movie. that, if Enjoyment means to get your heart crushed and wanting to burst in tears for 2 hours.

let's say that the scale of 1/10 having 1 as being sad, and 10 as being happy is what could define Enjoyment here, so scoring enjoyment as 1 is the same as scoring it as 10, even if that sounds pretty stupid XD

Overall 10/10: this movie is a bit rude, but meaningful, it touches deep topics with the most kind touch ever possible, so heartwarming, so relieving, so annoying, so happy, so upset, so freaking real.

Don't let people say you can't be friends with someone you once had a fight with and got separated due to that. regret will come one day crushing you, and you will know the POWERFUL meaning of the word "I'm sorry", and how hard it is to say to someone, even harder than the world "I love you"

now, if you are satisfied now, I shall go to a corner and spent the rest of the day crying