Mar 28, 2010
anime_n00b (All reviews)
Let me just say this... Simply put.. I wanted to see what this was about.. Since I thought it was a PV like the Yoko Pieces of Stars..

It tries to be I guess? Let me tell you what.. mark me as unhelpful send me bad comments.. but this is my review.. The two videos I saw of this series were HQ on youtube 1080.. So I found good ones to view.. I wasted my time completely searching and watching these videos.

I am a fan of Gurren .. but these were just ...well its hard to even review them because they made absolutely no sense... I didnt understand any of it.. even the music was horrible.. The first one I saw.. the one listed on this page.. had some HORRIBLE .. rap music that sounded like someone made on a tape recorder... The second ep I saw.. was something about a pinball game? With equally as horrible sound.

I dont know if i didnt get the prereqs for watching this.. but I was completely lost .. and what I could make of it..was horrible anyways. The art was the same as the series.. so its the only thing that I scored decently.. Even the lovely Yoko was not enough to make me suffer through watching both videos in their full length.

So I guess in closing... if you watch it.. and understand it.. more power to you.. but since I am the anime noob.. and my reviews are always from that prespective.. even watching this will leave you in a state of confusion and frustration for wasting the effort.