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Apr 10, 2010
This is a typical special episode.. There really isnt much here for someone looking for a bit of a "conclusion" on the Keitaro x Naru arc.. But the one thing that this special does do.. is give you more of a prespective into the Shinobu x Keitaro arc. You learn more about her feelings and thoughts.. I wished they would have went ahead and made it into a special completely from her prespective.. but.. they did enough for me to develop her character and feelings a bit more..

But.. This IS a special so.. its basically for the fans.. It doesnt really have anything to ...
Apr 10, 2010
Love Hina (Anime) add
Since my review is probably last on the list or close to it.. Let me fill in the gaps.. because I actually took time to read all the others.. less than an hour after I watched the series lol.

The one thing none most of the reviewers have wrong is the Ecchi.. in NO way can I or anyone consider this a anime based on "fanservice" .. if you think a couple shots of them in the hot springs are perverted.. Then the high ranking Toradora on this site would be put in the same category. Trust me.. look at my list.. I know fan ...
Apr 5, 2010
After watching the series I had to see the OVA's especially when I found out these dealt with food. Let me say this first off.. To me.. this was almost better than the series. I thought the series lacked the comedy everyone had said it had.. but to me.. these four OVA's completely made up for it.

All of the episodes are about 5 minutes long and they honestly move very quickly. The characters are all in chibi form.. plus the girls have animal ears and tails added lol... so.. the art is pretty cute.. and makes you laugh already..except Kushieda-chan has a flower on her ...
Mar 28, 2010
Preliminary (2/8 eps)
Let me just say this... Simply put.. I wanted to see what this was about.. Since I thought it was a PV like the Yoko Pieces of Stars..

It tries to be I guess? Let me tell you what.. mark me as unhelpful send me bad comments.. but this is my review.. The two videos I saw of this series were HQ on youtube 1080.. So I found good ones to view.. I wasted my time completely searching and watching these videos.

I am a fan of Gurren .. but these were just ...well its hard to even review them because they made absolutely no sense... ...
Mar 15, 2010
Preliminary (5/6 eps)
Like all OVAs that Ive watched so far this is basically made for the fans.. it really just is complete randomness that.. since I havent read the manga.. I found funny just simply because of the silly situations..

Let me describe a couple of the episodes for you if youre wondering if its worth taking the time to watch...

The first ep.. Is the gender-bender.. its sort of funny.. I think people who like to watch the gender bender scenarios would probably love this..

The second ep is basically all about Mikan.. Which is a really good plot for a single OVA.. its basically about her growing up.. ...
Mar 7, 2010
To LOVE-Ru (Anime) add
Well.. Where do I start.. Hmmmm

Well I watched this series due to a suggestion in the recommendations of Rosario + Vampire.. Although the shows are both somewhat similar.. I expected a bit more out of the series.

Let me start with this.. there are to me.. two seasons to this series basically..and the second series starts somewhere around episode 14.. but.. too be quite honest in my opinion.. Episodes 18-24 are basically OVAs that are stuffed in.. I mean.. There is the story of Kyoto the Fire Girl..a entire episode about a show Lala and Rito watch on television.. which had absolutely nothing to do with ...
Feb 18, 2010
Preliminary (10/13 eps)
Let me explain this will be my first review.. I felt I should write a little review on it because I didnt find an of the others to be very positive nor helpfully informative enough. I hope I do my best!

Let me first explain the style of this is Comedic High School Ecchi.. The only thing I found somewhat annoying between this and season 1 was the censored fanservice.. but at times I also found it sort of funny. I think if you enjoyed the first season.. Watching the second season is a must.

I.. unlike some of the other reviewers found alot of character development..There ...

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