Feb 18, 2017
ZzLow96 (All reviews)
OK, this movie is stunning enough to make me write a review for the first time. I just came back from watching it. It was a full house at the cinema. It is rare to see a full house in my country when the theater is airing anime. This was a total shock!

Story: 10/10
The story is great. It is sort of like a mixture of tragedy, comedy and romance. Its sort like the mixture of SAO, ALO and GGO but mainly it revives that kind of feeling after you watch the original SAO. It makes me feel nostalgic.

Art: 9/10
For me, the art can be considered good enough and at certain parts the coloring is mind blowing especially when they defeated the monster. The animation also looked more lively compared to the recent GGO series. A great improvement overall.
*Wagnaria Cafe (www working!) made a cameo !

Sound: 9/10
The OST is not as great as SAO, but they did use some of the SAO soundtrack (mainly Swordland) and even made an improved version for certain situation.

Character: 9/10
In Chinese philosophy, whenever there is Yin, there is always a Yang. But for this movie, they neutralize it perfectly. There is no real main evil guy here. All the character had been well design and created with lot of background information. (You can dig deeper to see how much they took into consideration before creating a new character such as Eiji) The MC, Yuna is so kawaii (you will know what I mean once you have watched the movie). A little bit fan service as usual between Asuna and Kirito.

Enjoyment: 10/10
I really enjoyed the 2 hours in the cinema and I do think that you probably need to watch the original SAO series first before watching this movie if possible try to finish ALO and GGO as well.

Overall: 9.4/10
Overall score is 9.4 but I will definitely round it off to 10 instead of 9 because of the story, the comedy, again Yuna is so kawaii, the art and coloring during the FIANL MOMENT when the monster is defeated and the BGM being played at the right time at the right moment. I would definitely recommend any SAO fans to watch it, you will never regret!

* For those who plan to go cinema and watch it, do stay until the ending song is finish. You will be rewarded :)

** Sorry for my poor grammar, do drop me a message if you found any grammar mistake that I had made.