Nov 26, 2016
Eneeli (All reviews)
If office life was adapted into anime form, Aggressive Retsuko would be it.

Anyone who has worked in an office environment with its usual social dynamics before will instantly identify with the main character Retsuko, a fresh 25 year old office lady in the accounting department.

Aggressive Retsuko chronicles rage-inducing incidents which everyone can relate to, from being passive-aggressively manipulated into doing other people's work to workplace discrimination.

Each episode is a comedic dose of deja vu in one way or other. I laugh because a lot of the incidents Retsuko endures has happened to me before and it's hilariously uncanny.

The chibi animal personifications are easy on the eyes, definitely cute and even on cue with their character traits.

I love how the voices of each individual sound like the animal that they portray. For instance, a sly senior colleague represented as a snake woman actually sounds subtly sibilant when she speaks.

If you ever raged internally at work before, you will enjoy this. It's like that spark of "you too? me too!" delight when you discover a friend and yourself share similar experiences.