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Nov 26, 2016
Have you ever wanted to watch an entertaining anime which is neither too provoking nor a complete waste of time? Do you want characters that doesn't require you to invest emotion and effort while not being cringeworthy mindless stereotypes?

Gugure Kokkuri -san provides mildly interesting characters with oversimplified backgrounds that are barely mentioned. Each episode is a little slice of life in a household with supernatural oddballs. Yet it manages to be a series of fun filler episodes with short storylines which somehow works in keeping my interest. I finished all the episodes in one sitting without getting tired in between.

This anime tries its hand at ...
Nov 26, 2016
Preliminary (30/100 eps)
If office life was adapted into anime form, Aggressive Retsuko would be it.

Anyone who has worked in an office environment with its usual social dynamics before will instantly identify with the main character Retsuko, a fresh 25 year old office lady in the accounting department.

Aggressive Retsuko chronicles rage-inducing incidents which everyone can relate to, from being passive-aggressively manipulated into doing other people's work to workplace discrimination.

Each episode is a comedic dose of deja vu in one way or other. I laugh because a lot of the incidents Retsuko endures has happened to me before and it's hilariously uncanny.

The chibi animal personifications are ...
Nov 26, 2016
As a cat person, I adored how this short series captured the inexplicable simple pleasure of being around cats without going over the top about the bonds between pet and owner.

A wannabe pro boxer ends up taking care of two strays which his manga artist brother brings home. Each episode is a snippet into their daily lives living with the cats.

From the personalities of each cat to how a novice cat owner learns to live with them, the stories told are charming in its lack of a plot. There's no grand mystery into the secret lives of cats whatsoever. The ordinary slice of life ...
Feb 10, 2015
Mixed Feelings
While the short 5 mins of airtime per episode is restrictive, this anime is a stereotypical yokai happening.

The premise of an artist who has his knowledge of demons in drawings was the hook which lead to an empty boot of resigned dissatisfaction. The monster of the tale was new and kinda interesting but honestly, I cannot bring myself to be invested in this.

The characters are flat and predictable. They have the potential to be so much more memorable (going by their colourful designs) but instead, their personalities are cardboard. Character development is non-existent.

Sekiei Ayakashi Mangatan is the anonymous face of run-of-the-mill animes. Watch ...
Feb 25, 2010
Mixed Feelings
This is the kind of manga which makes you a little queasy but at the same time, makes you go WTF. With generous doses of fecal matter (No, I'm not shitting you here), gore and twisted humour, it's morbidly fascinating enough to make one read on despite the gross content.

I did not enjoy it but this manga made me read on, if only for the sake of finding out what other sick twisted parody the mangaka can throw at us readers next.

Kudos to, but it's definately not for the weak-hearted/narrow-minded.