Oct 8, 2016
AobaSuzukaze (All reviews)
This ended up making a nice ova series. You get to learn more about Ban's backstory and then you get a 22 minute ride full of really funny specials all put into one compilation. Out of the male cast, Ban is my second favorite so learning parts of his backstory that weren't in the main series was pretty entertaining and it further explains why him and Elaine cared so much for each other. There's no point of breaking down a group of really funny specials so I'm not going to bother explaining episode 2. If the original series entertained you , you'll get to see some really good comedy from the characters you love and a nice backstory. It's a win win. Since the epic fighting isn't here but the other aspects are if even to a lesser extent, 8/10 it is, which is still a good score.