Oct 3, 2016
Bananya (Anime) add (All reviews)
ProfaneValkyrie (All reviews)
Bananya is that dosis of cuteness where you might be able to beat your addiction for cat videos. Now wait the characters are cats? But I though they were just talking bananas... I am confused.
Bananya is 95% cuteness and 5% comedy stuff 3 minutes series.
So if you really need that blissfully cuteness of drugs, this would indeed be cocaine of cuteness XD

All the rainbow faeces of the Unicorn - the good things
- Very beautiful simple colorful artstyle. (a more detailed style wouldn´t be fitting, I think)
- I love their Nya sounds, very cute and a good cute ending song
- Many would takes this as a con, but I think it was perfect for this one that it had a episode based plotline.
- That ending was interesting!

All the hurtful.... cringe! - The cons
- It is nothing more nor less, don´t expect much.

So yeah should you watch Bananya? Hell yeah especially if you feel down, stressed or anything like it and want to watch some kawaii stuff ^^ It is perfect for those situations