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Jan 27, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Eyecandy! but where is the substance?

What really grinds my gear are two main things

The two maincharacters:
After watched this I cannot simply define the personalities of the two protagonists... For me they are buck standard cardboard shells of people. Sure the female wanted to adventure out of the city and she was trapped between family and traditions and her dreams of getting out... but what was really her dreams? besides the standard "I wanna get away from the city"..
The male protagonist I feel like that I can even less describe, though he was more a classic dorky male type that needed some help from his "winggirl" ...
Oct 22, 2020
How to cope mentally during these covid times... Get your pharmacy drugs.. but wait... how to get them when the covid virus is to be found everywhere outside???!

I got you kiddo!

Welcome to the homemade brain pharmacy through the internet! Don´t believe me? just try yourself!

I promise you, that your brain and mental status will be fuzzy! and you will feel something that you have never ever felt before..

For real.... How to even review this. It is basicly trippy sound ride with a weird circle animation that is VERY artistic and probably the furthest away of having the label of what we normally know as an ...
Sep 23, 2017
Thermae Romae (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
The "I-Should-Not-Be-Entertained-This-Much-the-Anime" XD XD

this is a very very niché anime and to be honest I like to watch random shit especially if it is about something that I have never watched before and short animes because then I can more easily manage to complete them in my busy everyday :)

I went into this series with an ultra lowered bar, expected it to be somewhat like "inferno cop" or other very ultra silly animes like this...
but I became overly pleasantly surprised and I did learn some historical and culturally facts, WHICH I DO NOT MIND :D :D :D :D

so yeah... do not expect it to ...
Sep 23, 2017
Mixed Feelings
Even though in most cases for specials like these it is needed that you have watched the main series............. but there is no need for this one, the main series did not help at all with the context of this tiny one episode :)

Remember to keep in mind that the animation of this is done on purpose, not for the lack for skills ´cause it is nothing like the main anime, this is just for the fun, silliness and trollness :D So do not bash it for having a very simple and minimalist animation by comparing it to the main series rather compare it to ...
Sep 23, 2017
Under the Dog (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Another One-episode-is-not-enough-anime :)

I have not looked into the background for this anime, from what I have heard it is a somewhat crowdfunded anime and it seems not that it did not live up to the satisfaction, but for what reasons why I do not know :)

Only watch this is you want to crave for more because the setting of the plotline does not stop with only this episode nor did it wrap it all up in a satisfying ending.
Unlike a one episode anime called "Kuro no Sumika: Chronus" which in my opinion had everything, plot, progress, interesting characters and were wrapped up quite satisfyingly :)

but ...
Sep 19, 2017
Mixed Feelings
To cut a short story even shorter!
- A beautifully fluently anime with A+ piercing skills to break through even the 1-tier sceptics so it can gently caress their coal-black souls and make them just a tiny bit hyped ;)

Is this one anime episode special? No not really. Is it an awesome plot? No it has more cliffhangers than your average Lost episodes. Well what makes it good then? oh boy now you are asking the right question ;)

To be fair Little witch academia 2013 does not bring anything new to the table, nothing at all, you have your classic plain and clumsy protagonist who screws ...
Sep 13, 2017
Trigun (Anime) add
Trigun is quite the 90's anime filled with cliches, everything from tsundere falling in love with the main character, a random cat throughout the series, somewhat the new villian of the week plot setup, correcting your glasses always increases your IQpoints with at least 100 points etc etc etc.
But how did the series manage to stay interesting despite all that?

well the answer at least for me is two factors - 1: I never expected this series to be one of tip of the top! I was fully aware it was a drama comedy and not your heavy beast of series like monster, ghost in the ...
Feb 5, 2017
a_caFe (Anime) add
a_caFe is a 41 sec 1 episode "anime".
It took many times longer to make this very short review than watching it.

After watching this my first thought was, is there really anything that you can review about this one?
It is sooooo short, ends so abruptly that it is so hard to make anything out of it.

I only recommend watching this if you wanna raise your number of completed animes or wanna torture yourself of wanting more.

The setting is very intriguing and the music is nice, so I am left with a feeling of wanting more! but there is none....
Feb 5, 2017
Mixed Feelings
Shiranpuri is a one episode anime but don´t let that discourage you or else you might miss this little fine gem here
For one episode it has a better narrative (beginning, middle and ending) compared to many 12 episodes anime shows which often concludes into nothing.

Shiranpuri is about bullying, it isn´t really something new because this topic is already explored through many other media and in various ways.
But what I like about this one is its mores realistic approach and being a point of view for a bystander, not the one who is being bullied:

I can hardly see any reason to skip this one especially because ...
Jan 9, 2017
First time ever reviewing a hentai (as a bisexual female viewer) AND WAIT! Don´t scroll away! (unless you are a minor, but I cannot really stop you, can I?) XD
Because this is not your average hentai XD

Of course this one contains all the pornographic stuff both lots of BJs, a Gangbang, few tittifucks, one Anal and lots of lovely erotic supernatural elements (for the average perverts out there).

But what makes this quite different is its comedy! It is so funny that it doesn´t take itself really seriously XD so it is indeed a very light hearted hentai especially in contrast to many supernatural hentais ...

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