Feb 6, 2010
Romie-chan (All reviews)
I watched this series becuase it was recommended to me. I'm so glad I watched it.

~Story 9/10~
The story was great. Watching stars with friends after coming back from a 5 year break. Nothing better than that. However, I was expecting and wanting more romance. But nothing I can do about that. :P

~Art 10/10~
The Art and Animation was superb. I can't believe that someone could portray the stars and the sky so beautfiully in an animation. I could swear that every star in our sky was in this anime. Like their goal was no star left behind.

~Sound 10/10~
With the beautiful star-lit sky, include the beauitful music and you have yourself some memorable moments in all of anime. I couldn't really believe I was watching something so great... but this moment doesn't only happen once, but serveral times through out this series. I wouldn't mind watching this show again to simply watch those moments.

~Character 9/10~
The characters had depth and detail.But a couple seem sketchy, and a main character wasn't fully developed in their history.
I would definately look forward to seeing these characters be developed more if another series is created and to see if any romance is injected into it.

~Enjoyment 10/10~
I fully enjoyed this Anime series and there are parts that I will never forget.
The thing that I enjoyed so much was the parts when they would escaped the lights and go watch the stars. With those beautiful stars and the epic music put with it... I simply can't explain or describe what it's like... you'll have to see and experience it yourself. The series always seemed to push forward and I always wanted to go with it. There isn't anything I can complain about... and I'm glad I can finally say that about an anime.

Overall 10/10 (My opinion)