Sep 19, 2016
trashonthecurb (All reviews)
Hatsu Inu The Animation is both fucking fantastic and fantastic fucking.

A girl in a deep committed relationship with her vibrator gets a real boyfriend and has to choose between them. The choice is pretty hard—but so is her boyfriend’s dick so it’ll work out fine. It has some absolutely classic scenes, like fucking on a train while she has a secret vibrator in and fucking in a public pool while she has a secret vibrator in. Top notch fetish material. Fujino is a top tier hentai waifu.

And on top of a great scenario that’s ripe for both fetishization and sweetness, it’s beautifully animated, with eye-catching character designs. It’s one of the rare cases of a hentai anime with art that completely outperforms the original it’s adapted from, in my opinion at least.

It’s great fun, and a fun romantic/comedic hentai that’s stretches it’s premise too much to become boring and hits all the best notes a vanilla hentai with a twist of fetish can. There’s a reason why Hatsu Inu The Animation deserves to be highly reviewed by hentai fans, it’s an absolute must to at least try, even as a non-hentai fan. Turn off your brain, turn on you heart and loin and have a great time with it.

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