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Feb 27, 2018
Pure-Hearted Girl Et Cetera is true to it’s name. It’s pure-hearted love (with a little extra spice).

The art style is a mix between ‘cute’ and ‘mature’. The color pallet, designs and animation are all fun and lighthearted. Everything works to get across it’s ‘clean, pure love’ aesthetic. The others works credited the studio, Studio 1st, such as Fuzzy Lips, Mokkai Shiyo and Jewelry the Animation, show that this really is their forte.

The plot matters as much as plot matters in things like romcoms: the dynamic and connection to the characters is what’s important. Both the female and male character’s have cute and unique designs.

The main ...
Oct 7, 2017
Listen up, my purely fictional friends and readers I would never insult, even in jest and fun for the sake of humour! If you care about the plot of a hentai, you bazinga'd yourself, son. Bazinga'd yourself good.

Hentai doesn’t even have plot, they are 'scenarios', ways in which you get to the fucking that is most interesting and erotic for the viewer. Which this anime does decently well. If you have a fetish for dom monks, this is for you. It presents that scenario fairly well.

It’s not an offering on the 'good feminist show' alter, if that's what you want you, fictional reader who I ...
Sep 1, 2017
(This is a review of both Episode 0 and Episode 1 of Fuzzy Lips, although they are listed separately on MAL.)

Fuzzy Lips is utterly fantastic and I recommend it to everyone, especially other women. Hentai is full of quirks that… bother me particularly as a woman who likes men, but Fuzzy Lips is perfection. The male lead is cute, which we all know is something that hentai lacks, the dicks are great, and in my opinion the fetish material appeals greatly to women. It’s my personal all-time favourite hentai OVA. Put out by Pashmina, animated by Studio 1st, the studio also responsible for Junjou Shoujo ...
Jul 20, 2017
Never underestimate how enjoyable a simple story can be.

Iizuka Senpai x Blazer the Animation is as simple and sweet as possible. A girl who loves a boy shows off her new school uniform, complete with the eponymous blazer, to him. It’s the sweetest vanilla story with fucking under literal covers.

The animation is by T-Rex, a studio well known for great hentai animation. Even it’s simplistic characters designs are alluring. Over-designed characters are one of the overarching problems I have with anime as a whole, especially hentai. With hentai, the simple and classic character designs help with eroticizing characters as archetypes.

The color and art design is ...
Apr 4, 2017
Mixed Feelings
After… The Animation is a high school drama between a group of friends where everything revolves around sex. So, somewhat like real high school I guess. A girl is in love with her brother, there’s two love triangles, and secrets abound. And someone fucks a teacher. It’s got all the teen high school drama tropes.

The animation quality veers into somewhat hilariously… awkward, notably in the first episode, but remains consistently serviceable during most of it, especially in sex scenes, so they knew where their efforts should be focused. The second episode is significantly better in both animation and direction.

Aesthetically pleasing, with nice character designs, a ...
Jan 31, 2017
Momoko (Anime) add
MoMoKo is a fantastic little love story, but I’m not sure if it’s sufficiently erotic. There’s a sort of music video and Hollywood film sexuality and lust to it, but that leads it away from showing the disgusting and lewd side of fucking–never a cock or a clit to be seen. It’s the same problem I had with Tenkousei, and I just as conflict here as I was there.

The difference between live action porn and “artistic” renditions of sex in Hollywood films is the vague nature. Hentai combines the two so perfectly and erotically–it’s one of it’s true and distinct strengths. MoMoKo is stuck in ...
Dec 2, 2016
Offside Girl (Anime) add
Remember those ‘motion comics’ they use to make? Where they take the frame of a comic and seemingly just edit it to make it appear animated? And it always looks… wrong? They’ve been made for Watchmen, Astonishing X-Men, and Iron Man — and in 2007 they made one for a hentai.

Except, not only does it carry all the flaws of the halfhearted animation of “motion comics”, they take the lacklustre production value of hentai and don’t even animated simple things like lips.

If you’ve ever been bothered or annoyed by Queen Bee animation standards, this is the next level of hell. It doesn’t even have a ...
Nov 25, 2016
Vanilla Essence is mostly about concealed sex — the act of hiding and having sex in a somewhat public place. Which is a great and underappreciated fetish, in my opinion at least. And a trade focusing on it from a master of hentai manga like Yamatogawa certainly gives it the respect it deserves.

That concealed sex fetish and young vanilla heterosexual love are the two things that tie this set of nine short stories together. All the characters are students, and all of them are either in love or lust with each other. From a character who ventures into the world of voyeurism on fellow students ...
Nov 4, 2016
Pinkerton (Anime) add
Preliminary (2/3 eps)
[This is a review of the first two episodes as of 5/11/16]

Can you spoil hentai? What if the main fetish that the hentai is pandering to kind of spoiler for how the hentai plays out? Should I speak as vaguely as possible about hentai to avoid it? Oh well fuck it.

This could be a gateway hentai for some people—a passage into some darker elements. This definitely isn’t made or targeted toward vanilla fans though, but the first episode isn't extreme enough (it isn't Euphoria for instance) to turn off any fans looking for a first dip into gangbang rape blackmail mindbreak and can live through ...
Sep 22, 2016
If you like huge oversized tits, an art style that rather passable, okay sex but little to no story to connect to, this is a hentai for you.

It's not bad, but it's extremely shallow. Which is fine, if huge oversized tits are your fetish, have fun, you're about the only to whom this is recommendable. It's pretty much Cowtits: the Hentai. The sex and the positions they have it in isn't interesting or particularly well animated, and the positions just 'appear' as opposed to seeing the characters being animated getting into them. Which is extremely unsatisfying.

The first episode is the best. A childhood friend ...

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