Sep 2, 2016
deep3anime (All reviews)
I did like Ojomajo sharp better than this season.

Story: The queen of witch world wants to see Doremi and her friends as full-fledged witches so she consults with the senior witches ( 6 members) to give their opinions on this issue and though they were reluctant at first, upon Majo Heart's suggestion to conduct tests, through which these witch apprentices should get the acceptance from these 6 senior witches. So far it was good and the tests were regarding making sweets of preference of each of the senior witches. Since our friends do not know how to make sweets, an Japanese- American girl named Momoko, who is also a witch apprentice is given by the queen to help our friends.

Characters: Character wise i like onpu and momoko in this series. These try to understand others with good amount of consideration. IN a episode aiko severely scolds momoko " saying you are unfit for a mother' when momoko carefully watched hana ( in specific she tied a rope to her waist and to hana-chan's so that she could not miss her anywhere). Even our clumsy Doremi who too have done more damage to hana-chan than momoko, agrees with her. Moreover, in this series Doremi's behavior seems to impact hana-chan a lot. For example Doremi's mannerisms were shown to be practiced by Hana-chan.

Plot development is little in this season. But one can not skip it as it will reveal the sad story of the queen of two generations before.

One more interesting plot is that hana-chan hates to eat vegetables because of the 2 generations past queen's curse so the responsibility befalls on our ojomajos. But i liked the way these tried to make hana-chan like the vegetables.

Music: Opening songs were seemed to decrease in quality from season 1 onwards. I liked MOmoko-s "ABCDEFG song."

Enjoyment: I gave a score of 7 for the ' vegetable' habituation strategies and the song of Momoko.