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Aug 5, 2018
Mixed Feelings
I came across this anime series when i was searching for an anime for kids which has at least 50 episodes. I saw first episode a couple of years ago and dropped it considering it is too childish. It is about a boy named Hitto who stays at rented house of his friend Nana, who takes care of him everyday like waking him up and doing shopping for him. His father leaves the house for unknown reasons and so the town people give him generously groceries etc. One day as he was waiting for his father's letter on his birthday, Hitto receives a ...
Apr 19, 2018
Mixed Feelings
The story starts 2 years after bahin dan's fight with other world king. Here Dan wins all the battleship tournaments and craves for powerful rivals and thrill of watching the spirits alive as it was possible in the other world. When he was in such agony, Mai comes from future and takes him to the future. Future world is ruled by mazoku (other world beings with monstrous appearance and powers). There is conflict between mazoku, the ruleers and mankind the slaves. MAI joined the world saving human organization where clarckey works as the captain of a ship, which he named as "beautiful sophia". Here dan's ...
Apr 19, 2018
Mixed Feelings
The story of this anime begins with a kingdom where the queen was blamed to start a coup d'etat against the kingdom after the death of king (her husband). So the first prince of the kingdom Yaiba accuses her for it. Meanwhile she sends away her second son tsurugi with the help of an android striker who knows to play battle spirit game well. So this is the epilogue. This series is about playing battle spirits card game and the most powerful players are those with "sword eyes" . There are 6 sword eyes (white, red, purple, yellow, green and blue), those who have the ...
Apr 2, 2018
This story starts with Bashin Dan who was taken into another world by siblings Kajitsu and Yuki, after dan pursues Kajitsu when she defeated him. At first it does seem ordinary and confusing. This confusion persists only for the first episode as the scene of Dan defeated by Kajitsu was shown at the beginning of the episode. I did not get to understand when and how these two siblings come across with Dan. I was in a dilemma that it may be a prelogue to the content of the episode. It seems as if the scene is fastforwarded. But from Episode 2 it captured ...
Mar 27, 2018
Mixed Feelings
Shounen Toppa Bashin is a card fighting genre anime series. In this Bashin is 6th grader, who is fond of playing Battle Spirits, which he learnt from his mother. He likes this game more than his studies. He motivates others to play it for pure enjoyment of battle spirits. So in this process he befriends J, Striker and Suiren. It picked my interest to see how a mouse ( aibou) is able to talk with Bashin using a gem Pyroxen. Each of these had an animal which can talk to them through Pyroxene. Story progress with series of tournaments.

Art: Very clean and good. ...
Dec 30, 2017
Preliminary (7/102 eps)
As you all know this is a direct sequel to the adventurous, exciting fairy tail series. I enjoyed it quite a lot. I watched it with my mother who is now 56. I read the reviews written about this sequel and put it aside for a long time. But as i did have no other long running anime series which are completed, i chose this to show my mom.
Here is what i felt.

Story: It is good to know in the first few episodes about what the arc is. That is to prevent some evil dragon before it becomes dragon ...
Sep 5, 2017
Mixed Feelings
This is the story of Christopher Columbus whom we all know as the discoverer of Red-indians land. But unlike other historical anime, it failed greatly and disappointed me.

From the beginning of the story Christopher's character showed to be rebellious and ambitious. In particular stubborn. He showed to be obsessive to the fact that he forgot his first wife Philippa and son Deago for his passion. Even after knowing his wife's condition he leaves her to meet king for his permission and while he is there she dies. Within a year or so he loves another woman and says all the beautiful words which ...
Sep 4, 2017
This is a story of a girl named Katri who lives along with her grandparents in a remote village of Finland. Her grandparents are poor and she lost her father at the age of 3 and to support the family her mother leaves her to work a far. Mostly she is away from her mother.

This story has 2 parts one is where she works with Raikkoku farm and another arc with Ms.Lotta's farm.Personally i gave 7 only because of how well the story was in the first part at Raikkoku. Here you can see herding cows, wheat harvest and especially weaving. I wished that the ...
Mar 21, 2017
Ghost Hunt (Anime) add
I saw this anime alone about 6 years ago. Then i feel frightened ( after watching only 4 episodes) and mai's attraction toward Shibuya was irritating one to me due to my mind set in those days (not so open minded and less perceptive of me). But now when i watched it with my mom, we thoroughly enjoyed it. Though there are many reviews on this anime i am not able to stop myself on writing this review.

Story: Shibuya the owner of Shibuya Psychic Research center comes to solve a case of supernatural accidents at a school with his assistant Lin. Mai ...
Mar 15, 2017
Idaten Jump (Anime) add
I saw around 300 anime series along with my mom so far in Japanese audio with Engish Subbs. I am so habituated to it that it bothers my ears to hear English dubbed anime episodes. I don't like dubbed versions as these are not able to keep the original characters vocal and emotional quality as per the anime creator's ideology. For instance, baka yaro is used to convey the frustration of the character but at the same time the speaker tries to hide his or her admiration for the one at the receiving end. I am lecturing so far on this because Idaten Jump is ...

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